Premium Finance Change


Important Information regarding Premium Finance

We have recently changed our premium finance provider from Premium Credit Limited to Close Brothers Premium Finance.  Any existing agreements with Premium Credit Limited will continue unaffected, however, if you decide to take out a new policy or renew your policy with us the name of the company taking the payments from your account after your policy has renewed will be “Close – Lancaster Insurance”

At the time of renewal, Close Brothers Premium Finance will send you two copies of a new loan agreement, one of which you will be asked to read, sign and return to Close Brothers Premium Finance within 14 days.


Important: if you have changed your bank account details directly with Premium Credit Limited during your policy term you will need to provide us with the new details so we can ensure continuity of cover. 

You can provide us with your bank details by calling us on 01480 484806 or alternatively you can complete the short, secure, form below:

Please note: Under GDPR regulations Premium Credit Limited are unable to provide us with your personal details to pass on to the new finance provider.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please note the following differences apply in respect of the charges applied by the new finance provider;

Charge Type

New Provider – Close Brothers Premium Finance

Old Provider – Premium Credit Limited

Default / Missed Payment



Cancelled Agreement




Should you have any questions regarding the change in Premium Finance provider you can contact our Customer Service team on 01480 484806 from Monday to Friday 08:30 – 19:30 or Saturday 08:30-16:00.