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How to Find the Perfect Classic Car Online

Although buying a car online today is much easier than say ten years ago thanks to the internet, buying a classic car however does require a fair bit of extra effort compared to buying your average modern car. Even with a modern digital online marketplace, car shoppers and even tech savvy shoppers are sceptical of making an online purchase especially if the value and size of the classic car is higher. Investing a significant outlay of cash based on simply reading consumer reviews and viewing photos is just not enough to put people in the comfort zone. But apart from viewing photos and reading reviews, there are several key things a classic car buyer can do to help make this process much easier.

Listed below are a few tips to buying classic cars online, which cover all major aspects of online car buying for classic cars. These tips are not only aspects that must be considered when buying a classic car online, but also serve as a checklist for other items you need to address to ease your buying decision when you aready to depart with your hard-earned cash.

1. Checklist – whether you’re buying a small or big ticket classic car, it is important to make a checklist to include a list of things to take care of to avoid any hiccups in the buying process. Your checklist should include items such as test drive, the distance of the seller, license plates, insurance, storage, body work, mechanical inspection and any questions you might have for the seller including availability of service records and previous owner details.

2. Know your Seller – There are no exact rules to go by when investigating a seller online and it all boils down to the route you take to buy the car. If you’re buying a classic car by replying to a personal ad, you will have to work with whatever info you have about the seller. You can however perform some additional research yourself by entering their details into one of the better search engines and seeing if anything flags up, and also running a hpi check. The point here is not to see how many classic car forums they are active on, but to determine their online reputation.

Most classic car buyers prefer to use auction sites to make their classic car purchases, which is definitely a more hassle free approach. Online auction marketplaces generally have state of the art tools to help buyers make an easy decision such as an unbiased feedback and rating system and also the option of escrow payments. Most people sell through auction sites as it adds to their overall customer reviews resulting in more future business, and many consumers prefer to buy classic cars through auction sites because they get a clear insight into a seller’s reputation through these reviews and their level of feedback.

3. Ask The Right Questions – when you find the classic car you want, ask questions that may be missing from the listing description. You will have to refer to the checklist you created initially for these questions, but don’t limit yourself to them.

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4. Inspect the vehicle – bottom line that you should never pay for a vehicle online if it hasn’t been inspected by you personally or someone you know. This can make the process so much easier and give you a great peace of mind, The rates for general vehicle inspections can vary but this should not be the reason to overlook this aspect considering that the price tag of the classic car is often significantly higher and more expensive to fix if something major is wrong with the car. Inspection would also include checking the previous owner details and service records, ensure that all panels are inspected for previous damage and rust. 

Buying a classic car online is certainly an in-depth process that requires more effort than buying your average daily commute, but following the tips mentioned above will help make the process easier. 



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