Lancaster Insurance News : Should You Claim On Your Insurance For a Damaged Windscreen? Lancaster Insurance News : Should You Claim On Your Insurance For a Damaged Windscreen?
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Should You Claim On Your Insurance For a Damaged Windscreen?

Having a chipped or cracked windscreen is extremely annoying and unsafe to say the least. It starts out with something small such as a stone chip or road debris hitting your windscreen, which creates a little line and then gradually leads to a large cracked windscreen. Depending on the location of the crack, it could impair your vision when driving or compromise the structural integrity of the glass. This issue can also be even more prominent on classic cars of a certain age, as modern cars use safety glass (laminated glass) for the windscreen, whereas early classics used plate glass whichfor todays standards it wouldn't pass a safety test on a new vehicle.

But before you rush to get auto glass work done, it is wise to speak to your insurance agent to see if you have windscreen damage coverage and if it will affect your classic car insurance policy and in what way. Chances are the windscreen crack is still in its infancy and hence maybe an easy fix. In this case, you may be able to get away with a simple windscreen repair rather than replacing the entire windscreen. 

Classic Car Windscreen

Owing to fraudulent insurance claims made between certain insurers and auto glass professional, where claims were submitted without the client’s knowledge, insurance companies scrutinize every case diligently. But since windscreen damage is an extremely common type of car repair, most insurance companies pay the complete cost of a windscreen repair without an excess. This means that if you do get your windscreen repaired, it should not affect your insurance premiums of policy.

In most cases and again because it is a fairly common type of repair, a majority of windscreen repair shops will simply bill your insurance company directly. This streamlined approach is not only easy on you as a driver as you don’t have to shuffle bills and fill out long claim forms, but also makes it easier for the merchant to receive payment for their services. Most of the time, even the cost of replacing an entire windscreen with a whole new one is less than your excess so refer to your insurance policy and calculate the costs.

If you do get a windscreen repair done, you may have to pay an excess to cover part of the bill. This is why it may be a good idea to get a non-obligatory quote from a windscreen repair specialist to determine the actual costs involved and if you would be better off paying for it out of your own pocket rather than speaking to your insurance company.

There also may be a limit to the number of windscreen repairs included on your policy, but generally the first one is free. Filing regular windscreen claims may affect your insurance policy in the long term so it is important to drive safe and steer clear of imminent road hazards. Coverage changes may include removal of windscreen repair cover from your policy or an increase in your excess.

The moment you notice a crack in your windscreen, don't waste time by not getting it fixed as the crack can spread fast and result in more serious damage and staggering repair costs. Whether or not a chip can be repaired depends on several factors including location, size and extent of damage, and the rule of thumb is that any crack that’s longer than three inches or any chips bigger than a penny will need complete window replacement, or your car will fail its MOT.



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