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Vinyl Wrap Or Respray?

Inevitably as a classic car enthusiast you will notice that many classic cars do not have their original paintwork that came from the factory. This is due to many reasons such as corrosion setting in, damaged bodywork or the original colour just being too plain awful for the 21st century, hearing aid beige anyone?

The issue here though is that full body re-sprays do not come cheap, and if they do - then you get what you pay for. If you have a beautiful old Mercedes 350SL then you are not going want to skimp on a cheap paintjob, you will want the best. However their are alternatives to going for the full re-spray and spending £5,000 for your dream colour choice. Vinyl wrapping is becoming increasingly popular amongst enthusiasts, and for good reason too. You can get the same look and feel as a full body re-spray for a fraction of the cost.

5 Reasons Why Wrapping May Be Your Desired Route

Cost – First and foremost this is the biggest factor here. Re-spray’s can add up, especially if you are going for a high-end paint job that is metallic. Wrapping can start anywhere from approximately £500 in any colour and finish you so desire. The life expectancy is shorter, ranging from five to eight years though. But many re-sprays only last that long on some classic cars.

Options – There are some many options available with vinyl wrapping. From all the colours under the rainbow, to custom designs such as carbon fibre, racing stripes or even cartoon characters if that is your thing. The classic car market is known for enthusiasts customising their cars, and it doesn’t get much more customisable than wrapping.

Vinyl Wrapped Mercedes

Installation – Imagine having your classic G-Wagon re-sprayed, due to the size of this beast it could take up to two weeks for your average paint-shop to turn around. With a vinyl wrap however it could be done in 48 hours.

Protection – This is the added benefit of wrapping a car. It protects the vehicle from the natural elements. An important issue on Britain’s wintry roads. It protects the paint underneath from corrosion and also any scratches and stone chips. The vinyl essentially acts as a shield. No need to claim on your classic car insurance for nasty scratches to your paintwork.

Maintenance – Imagine not having to wax your classic car again? Sounds good right. All you need to do is wash your car with car shampoo to bring it up looking like new again. Many classic cars are garaged and this is another factor, which prolongs the life of the vinyl. Sun damage can weaken the vinyl over time. If you get fed up of your current vinyl three years down the road, then no problem just get it removed and the paint underneath will not be affected.




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