Lancaster Insurance News : Why Buying A Convertible In Winter Is A Good Idea Lancaster Insurance News : Why Buying A Convertible In Winter Is A Good Idea
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Why Buying A Convertible In Winter Is A Good Idea

In winter seasons, people want to buy cars, which can withstand the snowy weather in the UK and the freezing temperatures that come with that. It is also a common time that people sell off their old vehicles and upgrade when winter is going to hit. Until now, 4x4’s and hybrid four-wheelers were considered the best option for winters, as they can plough through any weather conditions with relative ease. But is that always the best option?

Look for something slightly different

Convertibles are a great option in winter as dealers want to free up space for newer models and the booming 4x4 market. So why not get a combination of the two? You can now bag yourself an Audi TT Quattro convertible on a T or a V plate which is a 1999 model which qualifies for classic car insurance

Audi TT Convertible

Industry’s statistics show the trend in the convertible car market. It shows that the advertised price for a pre-owned convertible was £17,286 in May 2014 which fell down in August to £15,944 and then fell even further in September 2014. Experts state that due to the nature of the weather, sellers are trying to hold onto the cars until they are able to. This has led to a decline in the car price. This winter, convertibles are a great choice for car buyers who want to save money.

Weather Conditions

Consumers think that buying a convertible is a bad option for them as they are not got as their hatchback counterparts in keeping the winter elements at bay. However more modern convertibles (1996 onwards) are built using modern engineering such as electric fabric roofs and folding metal hardtops. They have come a long way in the last 15-20 years and you can even get quoted for classic car insurance on the majority of 1990’s cars

Due to these factors, they are considered a great investment option during the harsh winter months. Some buyers even buy a soft-top in the winter – drive it a little then sell it in the spring at the same price or even a profit.

A Few considerations

Car trader experts state that buyers should wait for the opportune time to bag their convertible. Often Christmas time and the New Year are the best times. This is simply due to private sellers needing money for Christmas, so they want a quick sale and in the new year it is exactly the same. They want to pay off debts from Christmas, so you can often bag a bargain from someone wanting a very quick sale. 



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