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Easiest Classic Cars to Modify

You can go buy a clasic performance car if you want, that’s if you can afford it. Modifying cars is an art, and when done correctly it can help engineers improve and design new models. There are a ton of vehicles that can be easily and affordably tweaked to increases their prowess so here are a few of our favourites, and the good thing is that the below all fall within the bracket of classic car insurance now!

Volkswagen GTI – first came the Rabbit and then followed the Golf, and it was called the Rabbit again. Regardless of what you call it, the Volkswagen GTI is a quirky little hatchback that has been a favourite for fine tuners even since its inception. It comes arrives with an already powerful engine, which when tweaked further has the potential to simply sprint across the racecourse. Adding to this, the Volkswagen GTI has a strong online and offline fan base so you will possibly never run out of ways on how to enhance it further. With regards to cost, used GTI’s are easily available and at the right prices, making it an even more appealing proposition for car modifiers.

Golf GTI

Honda Civic – Although it was not offered in powerful versions until the introduction of the SI versions, car tuners had already made their way to its hood from the time it was first released. Just about every aftermarket company has a ton of upgrade options for literally any civic version and year you choose. This not only makes it easy to get your hands on parts, but also at a price that won’t break the bank. Adding to this, most Honda Civics are even more valuable when modified correctly so if you’re looking for a car to enhance, there’s no better option.

Honda Civic Si

Honda Integra – This vehicle has became worthy of modifications right from its base model, but if you can get your hands on an Honda Integra Type R, jump on it! You can pick one up in pristine condition for under £10,000 that’s if you look in the right places. In terms of specs, the Integra Type R delivers an impressive 195 hp at 8000rpm in just 7 seconds, making it one of the most formidable sports coupes to modify in the market.

Honda Integra Type R

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – The Lancer Revolution was explicitly geared towards drivers who value speed and handling. Rally inspired and literally indestructible, this Lancer model offers a couple different powertrains to choose from so the options for modifications are literally endless. Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued past the 2014 model, but you can pick one up in the U.K. for under £10,000 in good condition.

Mitsubishi Evo 6

Subaru Impreza STI – With the 2015 model all set for release in the U.K., the older Subaru Impreza STI’s are definitely not to be overlooked if you’re looking to modify anything worthwhile. Even the latest Subaru Impreza STI arrives with the same 2.5-litre turbocharged boxer engine that delivers a stupendous 296bhp (brake horsepower) and is fitted with a manual gearbox and four wheel drive system. Collectively, these features allow the new and old Subaru Impreza STI to move from 0-60mph in a flat 5.2 seconds so you can just imagine what it’s capable off after a bit of fine tuning. 

Subaru Impreza 22B STi



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