Lancaster Insurance News : Is the Bentley Turbo R an investment in the Waiting? Lancaster Insurance News : Is the Bentley Turbo R an investment in the Waiting?
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Is the Bentley Turbo R an investment in the Waiting?

The Bentley Turbo R is arguably one of the best innovations to come out of the Bentley hangar, and car enthusiasts young and old would wholeheartedly agree. In fact, it is unique in its own right in that it is one of the only cars in the world with tremendous bulk and weight, but still capable of delivering a blistering performance with each ride. And if the raw performance is what appeals to you in a vehicle, and if you want to able to haul your family and friends and their baggage in the lap of luxury without bending, and still be able to see clearly out the windows, the Bentley Turbo R is probably the only car that will not disappoint.

Bentley Turbo R

Bentley’s Turbo R arrived with a ton of perks inside and out, most of them hand crafted extras. The picnic tables however were removed around 1969 only to be replaced a few years later with two opening compartments containing lead crystal glasses and decanters. The Turbo R (R for roadholding) was based on the chassis of the Bentley Mulsanne, only that it was intended to be a high performance vehicle. But the Turbo R did have the same turbocharged engine as the Mulsanne Turbo, but even this engine was tweaked significantly in comparison to the Mulsanne.

Bentley Turbo R Interior

Adding to this, the Turbo R was enhanced with a Bosch fuel injection, upgraded suspension, class leading dampers and anti roll bars to allow it to be surprisingly smooth around bends and corners especially considering its size. Adding to the excitement was the powerhouse V8, 6750CC that gave it the potential to literally sprint at 135mph, making it a true performer in a straight track. When the Bentley Turbo R received its first alloy wheels, it garnered mixed reviews from consumers, where some felt it looked too flamboyant and others were impressed.

Released in 1985 in the U.K., four years earlier than the United States, the Turbo R was described by several critics as the first Bentley in decades to merit its name. When first released, it was clear that Bentley was looking to captivate and capture the fashionable sports car market, and that’s exactly what happened! Although Bentley Motors LTD planned to keep both the Mulsanne and the Turbo R in production, sales of the latter were good enough to cease production of the former.

Once this decision was made, the Turbo R created history as being the best ever selling vehicles that Bentley and Rolls-Royse had ever created. In 1989, the same year the Bentley Turbo R was released in the United States, it received a subtle facelift, where the two large square front headlamps were replaced with round headlamps in an effort to boost its sporty appeal. Considering that Bentley created history with the Turbo R, it is definitely one of the most prestigious assets to add to your garage or collection. You can get your hands on one for under £20,000 for a showroom ready example on a later plate, and also get classic car insurance as well. Destined to be an invaluable asset and worth a lot more in the years to come, this is a classic car that looks like it will only grow in stature



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