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The Ten Most Unusual Racing Cars of All Time

Every once in a while you come across a machine that divides opinion. It either makes you think ‘WOW!’ or ‘What on earth was the manufacturer thinking?’ Here, we take a look at the top ten most unusual race cars that have graced circuits here in the UK and worldwide! Take a look at this list of unusual racing cars and let us know your favourites!



Rover BRM: The car powered by a Gas Turbine!

Rover _BRM_-_Gas _Turbine _Heritage _Motor _Centre ,_Gaydon _(1)

Image –



Tyrrell 012: The oddly shaped race car with a boomerang for a spoiler.


Image -



Golden Submarine: An amazing shape that will glide through the air, looks spacious too!

Miller _goldensub _15

Image -



Brabham BT 46 B: Yes, that is a big fan on the back of the car!

Brabham -bt 46b -19782

Image -



The Deltawing: We have got a feeling Batman would love this racecar.

Dissected -nissan -powered -deltawing -race -car -feature -car -and -driver -photo -459172-s -450x 274

Image -



Tyrrell P34: The pit crews would have to be a lot more organised when faced with this car with 6 wheels.

Tyrrell -P34-ft

Image -



Mercedes – Benz T80: This looks like it belongs on another planet - so futuristic!


Image -



Speedy Cop Upside Down: Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this is an upside down car.

Lemons -njmp -results -benz -wins -overall -speedycop -turns -racing -world -upside -down -photo -530699-s -986x 603

Image -



Pat Clancy Six Wheel Indy Car: Another six wheeler; this time the extra wheels are on the rear of the car.


Image -



Chaparral 2J: Known for its extreme emphasis (and huge spoilers) on engineering!

Chaparral 2J

Image -



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