Lancaster Insurance News : Modern Classics: Which cars will be Classics in the years to come, and why? Lancaster Insurance News : Modern Classics: Which cars will be Classics in the years to come, and why?
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Modern Classics: Which cars will be Classics in the years to come, and why?

Which cars will be Classics in the years to come, and why?


1998 – 2006  Audi TT mk1

Ground breaking design and styling when it was launched, especially with the wild baseball glove leather stitched interior that appeared on the first editions. Available in Coupe and Convertible, the 1800cc inline 4 20v engine with turbo charging made for brisk motoring. The choice of many an advertising executive it did have it problems with the car taking off and loss of control on early models, which was quickly rectified with the addition of the rear spoiler and adjusted front suspension system; so opt for later models for peace of mind.

Audi Tt Mk1

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1996 -2001  Lotus Elise Series 1

Exciting, engaging with the classic Colin Chapman rule of thumb of great power to weight ratio that was always associated with early Lotus weighing in at just 725kg and offering 0 – 60 mph in 5.8 sec; it not only looked good, but offered incredible handling so you could go racing at the weekend and drive it to work on Monday. Available with soft top or detachable hard top roof, it offered the best of both worlds for summer or winter motoring. Certainly sparse on the interior but that was half it's charm. Production was both in the UK and Malaysia, so check if it's a genuine UK.

Lotus -elise -1996-1

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1994 – 2004  Aston Martin DB7

Available as a six-cylinder entry level Aston or more powerful V8, it was the first of a new breed of Aston Martins that reinvented the brands popularity and became the biggest selling Aston Martin at the time. Built originally on the Jaguar XJS platform though greatly modified, the styling started life as the still born Jaguar F Type designed by Keith Helfet with modest styling changes being designed by Ian Cullen to make the car look more Aston Martin-like. The car did have a distinct similarity to the Jaguar XK8 in appearance but certainly didn’t share the same price tag. Available in both Coupe and even more desirable convertible, it is a true Grand Touring Aston Martin worthy of the badge.


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1996 – 2006  Jaguar XK8

This was the first eight-cylinder vehicle powered by Jaguar since the Daimler 250 of the sixties. Sharing its platform with the Aston Martin DB7 it offered a Grand Tourer in the same vain as the Aston Martin, capable of 155mph but at a fraction of the price of the Aston. The later XKR versions offering even greater acceleration with the addition of a supercharger version and even greater athletics. Definitely a great car in its own right and definitely a modern classic that is destined to appreciate.

1999-Jaguar -XK8

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1991- 1998  Mazda MX 5 mk1

The original and purest version available in 1.6 or 1.8 litre version, it borrowed a lot of its styling cues from the Lotus Elan of the late sixties plus a lot of the characteristics of the same car that made it fun namely front engine, rear wheel drive open top sports motoring that was quick, responsive and cheap to run, but had the added benefit of total reliability which is testament to so many still being on the road today. There were many limited edition versions that offered high spec fittings, which are the cars that will demand higher prices as people start seeing the investment potential in these great little cars.





1996 – 2004  Porsche Boxster First Generation

Inspired by and the first purpose designed convertible Porsche since the 356 speedster and cabriolet the car first appeared as a design exercise in 1992. Built to Porsche’s high build quality the car was available originally as a 2.5 litre flat 6 cylinder later aspirated to 2.7 litres and a 3.2 litre S version that was capable of 164 mph. The name Boxster is derived from word “Boxer” relating to the horizontally apposed or Boxer engine that was fitted to the car. At the time it was Porsche’s best selling vehicle mainly due to its entry pricing for Porsche ownership. Therefore it is essential to look at cars with full service history.

1998-porsche -boxster -photo -166114-s -429x 262




1999 – 2003  Honda 2000S  First Edition

Launched in 1999 to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary the 2000S carried on the pedigree of the S500, S600 and S800 of the sixties. Front mounted engine, rear wheel drive through a six speed manual gear box the 2.0 litre inline four-cylinder DOHC-VTEC engine delivered a respectable top speed of 150mph. Well balanced with a 50/50 weight distribution the car was great fun to drive and handled very well. Rarer and definitely far less common on the road than the MX5 that it was in competition with to some extent, it is destined to become a future classic as interest grows in Asian built classic.





2005 – 2010  Alfa Romeo Brera Coupe

Originally developed as a concept car for the 2002 Geneva Motor Show the stunningly attractive Italdesign car, designed by Giorgetto Giugiano, was powered by a Maserati V8. Production versions that appeared in 2005 offered prospective buyers the option of a 2.2 litre or 3.2 V6 Alfa Romeo engine. There was also a 2.4 litre turbo diesel option available as well which where front wheel drive, but the one to go for is the V6 with Torsen Four-Wheel Drive.





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