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Goodwood Revival 2015

Fantastic weather brought out record crowds for what has to be one of, if not the best, classic car events in the world. As always, even before entering the main arena, there was plenty to entertain the period costumed attendee - after all it’s not every day you pass a Blue Train Bentley next to a Blower Bentley casually parked and sharing a car park with the odd Aston Martin DBR1, Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and a gaggle of D-Type Jags, amongst a sea of other classics that went for as far as the eye could see.



This is before you even get to the trade stands with yet more beautiful and rare cars - Bonhams Auction House putting up some of the most interesting, with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones' 1965 Bentley S3 Flying Spur (affectionately known as Blue Lena) drawing more than an admiring glance, and finding a new owner.

The racing was phenomenal as ever; a personal favourite was watching the early evening racing and the sight of a Gullwing Mercedes-Benz at full pelt, headlights ablaze and a two and a half foot flame shooting out of its exhaust lighting up the evening sky as it changed down to tackle the chicane.

As if the array of automobiles on display was not enough, this year also saw the largest collection of classic areoplanes gathered at the Goodwood Revival with Spitfires, Hurricanes and a plethora of other beautiful craft taking to the sky above Goodwood.

20150911_143715 Lightened1

This is without going into the Ferrari display centre stage of the motor show, the classic motorbikes and scooters, the Hot Rods; a trip down memory lane to a completely operating Tescos from the 1960s complete with period product upon the shelves, and the unusual sight of Captain Birdseye aboard a full size fishing boat complete with circling seagulls at the entrance to the event, celebrating the anniversary of the fish finger.

 20150911_115814  20150911_140604


There is definitely something for everyone at the Goodwood Revival and if there is one classic car event you should attend, it has to be this.











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