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The Strangest Breakdown Callouts of 2014

The RAC and AA made over three million callouts in 2014, and there were some bizarre stories behind these numbers. Both the RAC and AA have published a list of their strangest callouts in an effort to make motorists more aware of what’s covered and what’s not with breakdown cover. These roadside assistance services have rescued everything from raccoons, guinea pigs, snakes and a bunch of other pets, had a close encounter with an alligator, a hopeless groom who had locked his wedding rings inside his vehicle to children trapped in a vehicle.

In terms of numbers, the AA indicates that motorists called for trapped children in cars over 2500 times and upwards of a 1000 callouts to rescue pets. This why with an older car, when you take out classic car insurance for your cherished classic, it is highly recommended that yout take out some form of breakdown cover

But these are just the beginning in a spate of bizarre requests, and we’ve listed some of the most intriguing ones below.

According to the RAC and AA, dogs are the most frequent animal offenders, and many of them have locked their owners out at petrol stations by activating the locks with their paws. In addition, dogs have also managed to swallow car keys, and caused damaged to the interior of vehicles by chewing the fabric of seats, wires and even steering wheels.

One AA serviceman claims he arrived for a callout only to discover a handful of rats living in the fuse box, where they had chewed through all the wires. Another AA member called the AA frantically trying to gain access to his vehicle only to learn it wasn’t his.

Some motorists have even locked a significant amount of money in their vehicle such as one individual who locked over £75,000 in his boot. One of the AA’s most dangerous callouts would have to be when they were called to repair a vehicle that was transporting an alligator to the zoo. On an amorous note, both the AA and RAC have received several calls where couples were locked in their vehicles. There have also been several instances where the AA and RAC have helped motorists in a life changing event such as getting to a wedding and even delivering a baby.

Dog With Car Keys

With regards to the longest recovery, it took the RAC over a 600 mile trip from South London to Ross-shire in the Scottish Highlands, and the busiest day was Monday, November 24th 2014 with over 14,000 callouts.

Other strange callouts include:

A strange noise inside the vehicle thought to be of a snake was simply an aerosol container jammed under the passenger’s seat

An elderly woman helped an RAC serviceman fix her fan belt with her tights

A patrol car had to rescue an elderly woman who’d lost her keys and hearing aid and fallen asleep in her vehicle

Porridge was used by a car owner to stop a leak

An owner placed a hot water bottle on top of his engine in an effort to keep it warm. 



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