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Classic Car Drawings


-Kiarni Buddery, Insurance Technician for Lancaster Insurance Services

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for fine art. There is something truly captivating about the creative nature of putting pencil to paper, and the time spent on creating beautiful pictures, that makes the end result well worth the wait.

Classic Car Drawings2

I remember it like it was yesterday. The first pencil drawing that I ever completed of a car was an Aston Martin DB5. It was the day before Christmas Eve and being quite young (and not in employment!) I hadn’t been able to go out and get a present for my dad. My dad has always wanted one of the Aston Martins from the Bond films - but then again, who hasn’t? Obviously, not being able to afford an Aston Martin, I decided to sketch him one instead - he loved it!

Classic Car Drawings3

I’ve always had a passion for art and a love of classic and vintage cars, but only recently have I put the two together. And I haven’t looked back.

Clasic Car Drawings

 I’ll often spend evenings sketching new creations and refining completed pieces. I also draw commissions for people, mainly friends and family, where I personalise the registration on the vehicle and make any other tweaks as requested. It’s a really unique way to capture your pride and joy and also makes a lovely gift.


More than anything, though, it’s just something that I enjoy doing and I love seeing the finished pieces in all their glory!



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