Lancaster Insurance News : Never judge a book OR a classic car by its cover! Lancaster Insurance News : Never judge a book OR a classic car by its cover!
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Never judge a book OR a classic car by its cover!

It’s always a tricky business when buying a classic car as the previous owner of this Morris Minor Traveller found out, but it highlights the importance seeking professional and knowledgeable assistance when purchasing.

We spoke to Dave Youngs, our very own Car Club Manager about the trials and tribulations of owning 'Nancy'!

Name: Dave Youngs
Car: Morris Minor Traveller

Affectionately known as? Nancy (as well as many other unprintable names!)  – Registration number starts with NCY.

Dave Youngs Nancy 1

How did you come to buy the vehicle?
The previous owner had put it up for sale after a disastrous MOT failure.  They had only owned the car for about 9 months, and after taking the car out of winter storage it was booked in for an MOT which it subsequently failed on the significant amount of welding required.  Looking back through records for the previous years, it is apparent that the car was either ‘bodged’ to get it through the MOT or the MOT wasn’t genuine.  This does go to show that you should always take a knowledgeable person with you when buying old cars.  The previous owner had relied on the fact that it had a current MOT as an indication of current condition.  Whilst this car does look nice and shiny on the top it was absolutely rotten underneath.

Dave Youngs Nancy 2What work have you done to the car? 
The car has been completely dismantled, the interior has been stripped and the engine and gearbox removed for inspection and overhaul.  She still does need an awful lot of welding.  Thankfully there are a number of suppliers for Morris Minor panels so they are easy and cheap to source.  So far, I have welded a new floor into the passenger side, new inner wing, tie plate and inner wheel arch. A kidney panel and sills have also been added.

Dave Youngs Nancy 3What Do You Like Most About The Car?
One of the car’s best attributes is its simplicity.  Parts are easy to come by and they’re very simple to work on.  I’m a bit of a Morris Minor veteran having owned two before; one of which was a complete restoration and the other just needed a couple of simple jobs in preparation for MOT. I have a love/hate relationship with this car. Taking on a project of this size can be very frustrating and I have considered selling Nancy on more than once!

Dave Youngs Nancy 4What is next for you and the car?
Much more of the same I’m afraid.  The passenger side is almost there, work to the driver’s side can start soon. Hopefully I’ll have more weekends free once the classic car show season starts to wind down and I can get really stuck in!



Thank you and good luck, Dave!

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