Lancaster Insurance News : Club of The Month: March 2017 Lancaster Insurance News : Club of The Month: March 2017
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Club of The Month: March 2017

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A warm welcome to our new club partners, and March's ‘Club of the Month’, The Volvo Enthusiast Club.

The club was born in October 1989 and is still the only club in the UK which specialises in the older and classic Volvo models (the perfect partner). The club aim to encourage ownership, interest, preservation and correct maintenance of all Volvos over 15 years old or out of production models.

Membership to join this great club is only £25 per year, join and become part of the community. Speak to our car club team to see how Lancaster can help with your car club at 01480 220065.

Find out more about which Volvo models we insure or visit the club's site here


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