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Car of the month - Citroen AX GT

Citro N AX ID73542

I first bought ‘Tubby’ in 1993. I was looking for a small ‘hot-hatch’ but, having owned a number of Ford’s XR models, I wanted something different. In fact I was actually looking for a Peugeot 205 GTI and stumbled across the AX on my travels and I loved it from the moment I took off on my test drive and the deal to make him mine, was done

The AX was launched in 1987 and, despite only having 85bhp on tap the GT was surprisingly sprightly. The 1360cc engine with twin-choke carburettor could sprint from 0-60mph in just 8.5 seconds. Weighing just 720kg the lightweight nature of the car meant that it was great through the twisty B-roads although you certainly needed to be aware of the lift-off oversteer that would bring the back end of the car sliding around if you dared to let off the accelerator on a damp corner!

James May, when writing his 2005 article for Telegraph Motoring said that the 1991 Citroen AX GT was the best car he’d ever driven which is some accolade indeed!

A special edition GT500 door model was launched in 1991 which had 5 doors and a half leather interior - just 500 of these limited edition models were made

According to there are only 33 Citroen AX GT’s remaining on UK roads so they’re becoming an increasingly rare sight.  If you ever get the opportunity to own one then don’t hesitate – they’re bags of fun and their rarity makes them a decent investment prospect.



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