The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Sarah Sullivan makes her racing debut! The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Sarah Sullivan makes her racing debut!
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Sarah Sullivan makes her racing debut!

I’d been to Rockingham many times before to see the MG Owners’ Club Race Championship in action but it was my debut as a competitor and the feeling was incredible! I’d put in some practice at the Rockingham track the week leading up to the meet and felt ready and raring to go! When race time came and I was on the grid waiting for the lights to go out, my leg was shaking so much that I wasn’t sure I’d get off the line but I did. All in all, I’d say there were around 20 cars competing going into the first corner and the buzz was unbelievable!

I’ve watched hundreds of races over the years and everyone makes it looks so easy, but I can vouch that it really isn’t! I was focusing on trying to select the right gear, approach the corners in the right place and brake at the right time. The feeling of making it over the finish line is like no other, I absolutely loved it, plus I didn’t come last  and more importantly finished the race with no damage.

I’m really proud of what I achieved and hope that anyone affected by any cancer can perhaps look at what I’m doing and also chase their own dreams. After diagnosis, it is the scariest place to be; the uncertainty of everything bogs you down but it makes you think life is to short and to grab any opportunity with both hands.

A huge thank you to my sponsor Lancaster Insurance and now I’m looking forward to Snetterton and putting all my new skills I’m learning together.


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