The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Club of the Month – Morgans Sports Car Club The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Club of the Month – Morgans Sports Car Club
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Club of the Month – Morgans Sports Car Club

With nearly 5,000 members around the world, the Morgan Sports Car Club (MSCC) is the go to for enthusiasts of Morgan cars. With a network of more than 35 local UK Centres, as well as 47 affiliated Clubs in other countries, each Centre organises its own programme of activities, both social and competitive. These are aside from the club wide race and speed events, an annual race meeting and a sprint taster day, which usually takes place in March. 

The cornerstone of the Club is quite often the monthly regional centre meetings when members get together for chatter! A MSCC member is entitled to join any meeting with many members arranging to go further afield; tours from the UK have included New Zealand, the USA and Europe. The Club also has an active Travel Club, run by Scenic and Continental Car Tours.

Further club events include:

  • The annual MSCC event called MOG (Morgan Owners Gathering) is held in the UK and usually hosted by a Centre. These events often incorporate scenic runs, tourist attractions, a pitstop challenge, gymkhana, concours, dinners, dancing, musical entertainment, trade stands and other social and competitive events.
  • A Race Series, the Morgan Challenge, which has rounds at most of the famous UK circuits. In addition, the MSCC Speed Championship runs throughout each summer at sprint and hill climb venues.

Other benefits for members include:

  • A Club magazine, Miscellany, a full-colour monthly publication which carries news and articles on a host of subjects as well as a calendar of events.
  • A presence on Facebook and Twitter
  • A technical section that arranges for parts to be manufactured when necessary and offers advice on older cars, and an archive section for historical details
  • The Institute of Advanced Motorists offers discounts on its ‘Skills for Life’ package
  • It’s Travel Club gives a member discount and currently an annual £50 voucher to all full members
  • A Preferred Insurance Scheme which points members towards insurance brokers, like Lancaster Insurance, who are known to be able to supply the service and cover expected for Morgans.

Above all else, the MSCC is a Club for those who enjoy Morgans- Happy Morganeering!

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