The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : #TeamMike’s XR3i is set for a Spring debut on the roads of Wiltshire! The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : #TeamMike’s XR3i is set for a Spring debut on the roads of Wiltshire!
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#TeamMike’s XR3i is set for a Spring debut on the roads of Wiltshire!

Our #ClassicRumble activity may be over but it’s just the beginning for the #TeamMike and #TeamAnt cars with their new owners!

Mike Brewer and his team restored a 1989 Ford Escort XR3i which raised £22,500 at auction for Marie Crawford Boyd Foundation, after Silverstone Auctions kindly waivered their usual fee. Here we catch up with the new owner and hear why he was interested in buying the Ford and what his plans are for the year ahead.



Name: Julian Page

Have you always had a passion for classic vehicles?

Not always, as a youngster it was the supercars that were always the ultimate! The Lamborghinis and Ferraris of the world - the ones you used to see the rich and famous driving around in. However as you get older, certain cars can spark off memories and emotions from great times in our youth and for me, this is at the heart of the classic car market.

I’m obsessed by 70s and 80s Fords, from Mexico’s and RS1600s through to Sierra and Escort Cosworths. New cars are great, with their performance, new technology and reliability and are great for everyday use, however for me they miss the passion and history - essentially the story.

How did you hear about the #ClassicRumble?

I visit a few classic car shows and auctions every year and The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is a must see for me, I thought it was another great show. This is when I first became aware of the #ClassicRumble. I saw Mike and Ants cars and was aware of them as the Wheeler Dealers presenters, so I was really interested in what they had done and to hear about the charities!  

What interested you in bidding for Mike’s 1989 XR3i?

The XR3 Convertible was in amazing condition! It was one of the original 80s ‘yuppie’ cars, however there was no way I could afford one back then.

Now, they are hardly ever restored because the work usually far exceeds the value of the car, but I think that’s beginning to change and there is more interest in getting these XR Fords back on the road. Mike Brewer certainly knows his onions, and who am I to argue! I met Mike after the auction and he was so passionate about raising money for his charity and his obvious desire to win the ‘Rumble’ - his energy was amazing.

What are your plans for the XR3i?  

I have already met Blokie from Cross Street Garage, who restored the car, along with all the other many volunteers who built the car and suppliers who donated parts. I can only pass on my thanks for them donating their time and dedication to help raise money for Marie Crawford Boyd Foundation.

There are a couple of areas I’d like to improve, such as parts that they were unable to obtain in time, so there are a few bits for me still to do. Come the spring though, the XR3 is certainly going to be blasting around the roads of Wiltshire - I’m so looking forward to that. Thanks to everyone involved. 



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