The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Our Golf has been fitted with a Classic Tracker! The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Our Golf has been fitted with a Classic Tracker!
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Our Golf has been fitted with a Classic Tracker!

A review from our Car Club Manager, Dave Youngs 

We were delighted when we were first contacted by Nick McNamara at Classic Tracker to talk about a tracking device designed specifically for classic cars. 

As we all know, classic car values are on the increase but it’s about more than that. To most of us our classic is a loved and treasured part of the family, not just a possession, so losing it to theft is about more than the insurance cheque arriving for the agreed value. We form an emotional attachment to our cars and a loss can be devastating.

As one of our partners, we were thrilled to ‘test drive’ a Classic Tracker by fitting it to our prize giveaway car, the Mk1 Golf GTI. Classic Tracker offer a range of different self-install trackers to support the wide-range of wiring systems on classics (including 6 Volt and positive earth). The Standard-WIRED tracker in our car is pretty small, about the same size as a boxed cassette tape, so hiding it away was very straightforward, as was the installation - full instructions were included and it involved no more than connecting three wires.

Classic Tracker will set up any number of ‘SafeZones’ stating where the car should be stored and if it’s moved, a text message, email or in-app notification is sent. The service also supports a dynamic towing-alert feature which alerts if your car is moved with the ignition off. This is very reassuring in our case, as if I haven’t moved it then it’s definitely an unauthorised individual. Both the smartphone app and web login give a live update of the vehicle location and speed making it pretty straightforward for the police to recover if it had been stolen. Alerts are sent in the event of unauthorised movement and the power being tampered with; options on reporting on additional unauthorised-intrusion are available such as door/boot opening. All alerts are sent by either email, in-app or SMS-text message, or all three are available. SMS text is particularly useful as this can be sent simultaneously to a standard landline as well as your mobile.

Even more interestingly, with a simple optionally supplied pack, you can extend the function of the tracker by adding a relay to the standard tracker.  Then by flipping a switch on the app or web page, it will disable the fuel pump or even sound the horn; depending on how you wire the remote relay! Would-be thieves should be running away from the now broken down vehicle pretty quickly increasing the opportunity of a damage-free recovery.

There are a huge range of benefits to the Classic Tracker, including being able to see every journey the car has made with data such as average speed, distance and details of the route taken. 

Either of the three tracker variants are offered at £199 which when purchased are coupled to one of three subscription packages offered; imaginatively named ‘SAFE,’ ‘SAFER’ and ‘SAFEST’. The subscription packages cost from £79 to £199 per annum. For new customers, the selected first subscription year, tracker and optional remote immobiliser pack are bundled at a cost between £259 to £399. We opted for the full ‘SAFEST’ package as it offers additional benefits such as the ability to remotely disable the vehicle and 24/7 Nationwide Police Support.

Classic Tracker 


As a partner to Lancaster Insurance, Classic Tracker is offering our customers an exclusive discount on one of its packages which will save you £200!

Special offer: Receive a Classic Tracker completely free of charge when you subscribe to the ‘SAFEST’ package for a year! The package is worth £399 but you only pay £199! (T&Cs apply)

To take advantage of this offer Lancaster customers should contact Classic Tracker on +44 (0)20 8265 0425 or email





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