The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : GOODWOOD REVIVAL REVISITED – OR TEN 1950s AND 1960s MOTORING MEMORIES The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : GOODWOOD REVIVAL REVISITED – OR TEN 1950s AND 1960s MOTORING MEMORIES
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As the Goodwood Revival is with us, here is a postcard to evoke memories of traffic from the 1950s and the 1960s. The location is the Strand circa 1965 and just savour  the Scammell Scammel in “Blood and Custard” British Railways livery, the  FX3 taxis – still in service in the capital until as recently as 1968 – the Hillman Minx “Audax”, the Bedford CA,  the Morris Commercial J2 van, the red Mini and the RT double-decker buses. It could almost be an out-take from a “Swinging London” film of the period.

1) Graham Hill at Goodwood

There could be few more logical starting points than this 1964 footage of Hill’s victory at Goodwood – plus shots of Messers Clark, Ireland, Moss and Surtees:

2) Wolseley Police Cars

As seen here in 6/90 Series III guise chasing the Aston Martin DB4 GT that was sold at auction on the 5th September this year for £2.65m. The magnificent comedy film The Wrong Arm of the Law also demonstrates that it is not quite on a par with Newport Pagnell’s finest in terms of speed, but it still looks most dashing -

In 1957 Scotland Yard’s new information room was celebrated by Pathé News with this thrilling crime reconstruction involving a 6/80 and a Sunbeam Mk. III -

3) The AEC Regent III RT bus

Any public transport enthusiast will tell you that the RT was more commonly seen on the streets of London during the 1960s than the later Routemaster and this 1957 footage displays why they were so popular -

4) Some Terrible Drivers

 Many of us have probably seen this short road safely film but who could resist a re-visit of this everyday story of an average chap becoming a total bounder when he takes the wheel of an MG 1100. This utter rotter a) wears Roy Orbison shades behind the wheel b) causes mayhem to MG Midget owners c) overtakes at Zebra Crossings and d) eyes beatnik ladies when he should be paying attention to the road -


5) Shifty-looking spivs

 Yes - beware anyone who wears a trilby at a suspiciously rakish angle -


6) Adverts voiced by Patrick Allen

 It is him – or is it the  ‘distinctive black vinyl roof’ and the ‘handsome interior’ with ‘luxury all round’ of the new Ford Corsair 2000E. We shall never know…

Remaining with our Corsair theme we also have –

7) Jim Clark promoting the new Ford Consul Corsair

 The footage speaks for itself, even if Mr. Clark does not appear overly enamoured of the four-speed steering column gearchange:

8) The Public Information Films

 Whether they star Sir Ken Dodd in a Jaguar E-Type Coupe -

or issuing the order ‘Don’t be rude on the road!’ these remain essential viewing:

9) The ITC White Jaguar 2.4 Mk. 1 and the ITC Red Renault Dauphine

Who needs continuity and indeed plausibility with such fine entertainment  -


10) Sid James singing about life in Bermondsey –

Three Hats For Lisa deserves to be listed as one of the great films of 1965, partially for the traffic scenes -


but mainly for this stirring number from Mr. James – aka of the finest character actors of British cinema and South Africa’s favourite cockney. Take it away Sid!



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