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The Rise, Fall, & Rise again of the British Classic

The Germans may have invented the automobile. The Americans may think they are the home of the automobile. And the Italians may have created some of the most stylish automobiles ever to be created. So it may come as a surprise that at one time the home of the most prolific production and greatest ranges of sports cars available in the world was in fact on our very own shores.


Lancaster Insurance expands MG schemes to support a wider range of models

Classic car insurance intermediary, Lancaster Insurance, has announced that it will be widening its Classic MG schemes in July, further cementing its long standing association with the marque. The new offering will extend Lancaster’s bespoke schemes for MGs and is specifically designed to cover more recent models such as the F/TF, ZT, ZS and the ZR.


Lancaster Insurance takes on GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title at MGOC Race Championship

Lancaster Insurance is excited to announce it will be attempting to set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the ‘Largest parade of MGs’ with the help of the MG Owners’ Club (MGOC). Taking place on Saturday 11th April at Rockingham Circuit in Corby, Northamptonshire; all MG owners and lovers are being encouraged to unite and get involved in what will be a world first.


Wheeler Dealer, Edd China finds Peel ‘a bit of a squeeze’ at Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2014

Wheeler Dealer, Edd China showed his funny side at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show when he ‘squeezed’ himself into a tiny Peel P50. The 6’7” restoration star was joined by Mike Brewer on Lancaster Insurance’s stand when he climbed into the miniature motor, officially the world’s smallest car.


Insurance Issues To Be Aware Of When Driving in Europe

Europe is one of the biggest and closest destinations for business travelers and holiday makers alike, in both summer and winter seasons. Hence, it is important to understand the level of protection you currently have, what you may be short of and other practicalities before setting off especially if you are driving a classic car.


Classic Mini, ‘Henry’ is just the Italian job

Before his ‘starring role’ on Lancaster Insurance’s stand at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show in November, ‘Henry’, a 1990 ‘H’ reg Mini embarked on another big adventure. His owners, Tanya and Jason Field, from Oxfordshire, took him on ‘The Italian Job’, a charity car rally for classic and modern Minis around Italy.


Peel Cars - the Re-launch

The Peel cars were originally built between 1962-5 (Peel P50) and 1962-6 (Peel Trident) in the town of Peel on the Isle of Man by Cyril Cannell, owner of Peel Engineering Company until it ceased trading in 1970.


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