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Club of the Month: September 2016

This month, for Club of the Month September 2016, our spotlight falls on the MR2 Drivers’ Club.

In June 1984 Toyota released a funky little 2-seater, mid-engine sports car called the ‘MR2’. 23 years and 3 models later production ceased but the UK’s love affair with this fantastic little car is just as strong. To anyone that owns an MR2 there is only one place to go to meet liked-minded enthusiasts.

Logo Twos CompanyThe MR2 Drivers’ Club limited is the only UK MR2 Club officially recognised by Toyota Japan and Toyota GB. They were formed back in 1991 and, whether you own a MK1, 2 or 3, all MR2 owners and enthusiasts are accepted.  Modified or standard, you will find a warm welcome awaiting you.

Events form a major part of the club activities and below is an excerpt from their website:

‘One of the main aims of the MR2 Drivers’ Club is to provide a forum of social contact between MR2 enthusiasts via our website and through meetings and events.

Website – talk to other MR2 enthusiasts on our forum. Here you can ask advice and discuss anything MR2 from technical issues to why you love your car.

Locally – monthly meetings are held on the first Sunday of every month at a number of locations around the country so there should be one near you. You will be welcome in any Region so don’t think that you are restricted to your closest meeting. If you fancy going along to a meeting or joining them on events such as lunches out, BBQ’s, picnics, drives out, to weekends away and Christmas parties then get in touch with the Regional Coordinator. A list of Regional Coordinators and monthly meetings is available on our website and in Log Book so it is easy to get in touch.

Nationally – we run and attend many car and non-car related events. Our largest national event is the AGM, which is held in October every year.  Here you will get the chance to hear about future plans for the club and be able to air your views. It is also a good chance to meet up with other members from all around the country. Other events have included car shows, town and country shows, stately home and museum visits, weekends away, touring holidays, track days, and much more.

Internationally – If you wish to take your car further afield why not join us on one of our trips abroad and meeting up with continental MR2 clubs.’

In addition to the above, the club are able to provide technical assistance, car parts, merchandise and discounts from its many partners.

If that isn’t enough there is also there quarterly magazine, ‘Log Book’, which is jammed-packed with informative articles, technical, events and much more.

Membership of this great club is just £25 per year.

For further information on how to join and all the benefits available to members click HERE.


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