Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

At Lancaster Insurance, we have been proudly arranging classic car insurance for over 35 years.

Specialising in arranging cover for your cherished vehicle, our tailored and comprehensive policies are designed to protect your investment.

Lancaster Insurance has access to some of the most competitive classic car, vintage car and classic vehicle insurance schemes in the UK.

We work with carefully selected underwriters to enable us to offer both comprehensive and bespoke insurance solutions, with our customers in mind.

Using our wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, we are able to quote for virtually every classic car available.

To speak to a member of our specialist customer service team call 01480 484826 or we’ll call you back at a time that’s best for you.

Available benefits at a glance

  • Car Club member discounts up to 25%
  • Static Show Cover
  • Historic Rally Cover
  • Choice of repairer
  • Salvage Retention
  • Free EU cover up to 90 days
  • Two Year Agreed Valuation
  • Laid Up Cover Available*
  • 24 Hour Claims Helpline
  • UK Based Call Centre
  • Limit Mileage Discounts

*(available for £18)

Why Choose Lancaster Insurance?

  • Classic Car That’s Hard to Insure?
  • Classic Car MoT Exemptions
  • Classic Car Insurance Quote
  • Insurance Discounts and Benefits:
    • Car Club member discounts up to 25%
    • Static Show Cover
    • Historic Rally Cover
    • Choice of repairer
    • Salvage Retention
    • Free EU cover up to 90 days
    • Two Year Agreed Valuation available for £18
    • Laid Up Cover Available
    • 24 Hour Claims Helpline
    • UK Based Call Centre
    • Limit Mileage Discounts

Lancaster is the insurance broker of choice for classic car owners providing cover for over 88,000 classic cars (as of May 2019).

We arrange classic car insurance for over 40% of all MG Bs on the road and over 30% of all Land Rover 88s and MG Midgets – proving that classic car owners place their trust in us.

At Lancaster Classic Car Insurance, we aim to find the best price for your individual cover needs. We appreciate the importance of recognising the true value of your classic car and our team will be happy to talk to you through our benefits, such as agreed valuations and salvage retention.

We will offer you a tailored policy, bespoke to your requirements – this can include cover for:

Lancaster Insurance is committed to supporting the classic car clubs.

Owners club members may enjoy discounts of up to 25% off their insurance premium (the level of discount offered by each insurer differs and is subject to underwriting criteria).

Some of the classic car clubswe currently partner with include MG Owners ClubMX5 Owners ClubVW Golf MK1 Owners Club, VW T25 Club and many more.

If your club isn’t on our Classic Car Club page or wish to partner with Lancaster Insurance please call 01480 220065 or visit our Classic Car Club page for more details.

At Lancaster we understand that not every situation is the same, especially when it comes to Classic Cars.

That is why in addition to our Lancaster Classic Car insurance, we also can arrange the below:

  • Modified Classic Car Insurance
  • Multi-vehicle Insurance
  • Wedding Car Insurance
  • Limited Mileage Insurance
  • Laid Up Cover
  • Two Year Agreed Valuation

If you would like to know more details regarding the above offers, please call us on please call us on 01480 484826 or click here and we’ll call you back at a time that’s best for you.

Are you passionate about Classic Cars?

Here at Lancaster, we not only provide Classic Car Insurance but we’re constantly looking for ways to support the Classic Car community at events, sponsorship's, giveaways and sharing care tips for classic vehicles.

We’ve partnered with the team at Meguiar’s to showcase one of their awesome products each month.

This time we’re featuring the Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam contains a specialized Xtreme Cling foaming action that delivers an intense foam that sticks and clings to painted surfaces gently loosening road grime, dirt and contaminants.

Fine-tuned to carefully and thoroughly clean coated, waxed or sealed finishes while preserving protection and leaving a brilliant, swirl-free shine.

We will listen to your requirements for cover, and discuss the best options with our panel of expert underwriters, to see if we can cover your cherished vehicle.

Call our specialist team on 01480 484826 or we’ll call you back at a time that’s best for you and let Lancaster Insurance help you.

In May 2018 the Department for Transport announced that cars that were built more than 40 years ago exempt from MOT testing, with the option for owners to voluntarily have their car tested if they feel it needs checking.

When is a car classed as a classic car?

For us, defining a classic car is the million dollar question as it is almost impossible to define a ‘classic.’

It’s as much about the way a vehicle is treasured and loved as it about the age of the vehicle itself.

Whilst HMRC may define a car as a classic for BIK purposes when it reaches 15 years old, in practice, many younger cars (MGTF, MX5 etc) can be insured as a classic car if they are used in the true classic sense

What is the difference between classic car insurance and regular insurance?

Generally, classic car insurance is often cheaper due to the mileage being lower than that of a standard car and because the car is more likely to be well looked after by its owners.

We also offer a Limited Mileage Discount as well as other benefits such as a Two-Year Agreed Valuation and Club Member discounts for our classic car enthusiasts.

What is meant by an ‘agreed valuation’?

In the event of a total loss claim, the amount paid will be the sum agreed on the current valuation certificate less any policy excess.

At Lancaster, our expert Valuation Officer will review each of the valuation forms submitted to ensure that the vehicle has been valued correctly and is in line with the current market.

We now offer a Two-Year Agreed Valuation meaning it’s only compulsory to complete the valuation process every 2 years.

You can of course, complete every year if you believe your valuation has changed.

Why should you buy a classic car?

Buying a classic car is so much more than just an investment opportunity and often marks the start of a great adventure.

Purchasing a classic car can bring a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm - whether it’s the unique aroma or that classic interior, the distinct smell of Castrol oil, the look of admiration from passers-by, or simply the joy of ‘real’ driving – there are countless reasons to buy a classic car.

If you are wondering what makes a classic car valuable, have read of our recent article.

What are the most popular classic cars?

Checking out some of the top ten lists is a good place to start if you want some ideas for which classic car to buy.

We’ve pulled together a list of the top 10 classic cars we insure - which vehicles would make your list?

Lancaster Top 10 classic cars we insure

  1. MGB
  2. Mazda MX5
  3. Landrover 88 / 90
  4. MG Midget
  5. MG TF
  6. Volkswagen Golf
  7. Austin Mini
  8. LandRover Discovery
  9. Ford Escort
  10. Morris Minor

For more top ten lists, take a look at our recent blog.

What Age/How Old Does A Car Qualify For Classic/Vintage Car Insurance?

A classic car is generally over 20 years old, however, insurers use different metrics to determine whether your car is a classic car or not.

Although no one will disagree that a 1969 Rover P6 is a classic car, the untrained eye might not agree that a 1992 Rover 820i fits the criteria.

Due to our knowledge of the sector, we are able to correctly identify cars like the Rover 820i as the classics they are and give them the insurance cover they deserve. 

Do Classic Cars Need an MOT?

The vast majority of classic cars do still need an MOT certificate.

However (as of May 2018), if your vehicle is older than 40 years of age, you no longer need to be MOT tested.

At what age do cars become tax exempt?

Currently, any vehicle that was manufactured over 40 years ago (and before 1st January of that year) is considered to be exempt from paying VED (Road tax).

Do Classic Cars Pay ULEZ?

If your vehicle has been issued an historic vehicle tax class (please check with your insurer for this information) then you will be exempt from ULEZ.

This doesn't include commercial vehicles, typically used as food trucks, etc.

Is it cheap to insure a classic car?

Cheaper car insurance typically comes when there is a lower risk level involved.

As classic car enthusiasts we tend to keep our classics for sunny trips through stunning countryside or for attending club events rather than sitting in traffic watching the temperature gauge creep up on the daily commute into the office.

As such, limiting your classic for leisure use as opposed to daily commuting will likely make your insurance cheaper.

How many miles can you do on classic car insurance?

Typically, classic car insurance tops out at an annual limit of anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 miles, with the less miles you do lowering the risk involved with getting you insured and potentially lowering the policy price.

This does not mean we are against you taking your classic out and stretching its legs, far from it in fact! We can tailor your policy to suit your mileage needs, whether you only attend local shows a couple of times a year or explore the NC500 on a regular basis!

How Do I Insure a Classic Car as a Daily Driver?

Lancaster has got you covered on this! With the majority of our specialist club schemes offering unlimited mileage for historic and modern classic cars, you wont need to worry if you use your car as more of a daily driver.

We have the schemes and relationships with our insurers to cater to your specific needs, leaving you with the fun part which is driving the car!

What is 'agreed value'?

In basic terms, for insuring your classic car, agreed value is the amount that insurers agree to pay in the event of a write-off.

This is based on an assessment of the market value of the vehicle done by specialist valuers who understand what might just be an old car to some, is actually an incredibly rare Series 1 Austin Allegro Estate or Hillman Avenger.

If you are in the unfortunate event of having your classic car written off, your agreed value upon taking out your car insurance will determine how much money you will be paid out.

If you're worried about what might happen in such an event, your agreed value is there to cover you if the worst does happen.

Why choose us?

To put it simply, our passion for classic and specialist cars. We understand that classic cars are not simply modes of transport, they inspire a reaction within us, whether its marvelling at the expertly crafted bodywork on a coach-built Rolls Royce, the thrill of winding an Alfa Romeo Spider down a back road or hearing the thunderous roar of a TVR as it drives by.

These cars are not simply cars, they are part of your family, and because of that they need to be protected with the right insurance, from a company that understands the love that gets put into owning and maintaining them.

Car insurance you can trust

Here at Lancaster Insurance, we want to ensure that our customers can pick up the phone or get in contact with us and trust the insurance specialists they're speaking with.

Your classic car is important to you, and that makes it important for our team to give you the best coverage and insurance for your beloved vehicle.

We don't want our customers to be put in a situation where they can't reach out to us to talk about their claims either.

That's why we have a dedicated 24-hour claims helpline for all Lancaster Insurance customers.

If you want to see what our customers have to say about us, take a look at our 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

Car insurance to suit your needs

We want to make sure our customers have a great selection of benefits that will suit them in a range of different circumstances.

Lancaster Insurance offers worthwhile benefits such as Car club member discounts (up to 25%) and free EU cover up to 90 days.

We insure your vintage vehicle/classic car with our highly-rated car insurance regardless of whether your classic car is usually hard to cover with the right benefits.

Fill out our online form and talk to one of our dedicated specialists about your new or existing quote.

Vintage car insurance

Join over 85,000 classic car owners by using Lancaster Insurance.

Still not sure? Not only do we offer a wide range of benefits, discounts, and have a 24-hour claims support line, but our insurance policies provide value for our customers.

With our Agreed Value service, we ask you to submit photos and a form.

We then use our expert valuation team to agree the value of the vehicle. Once your value has been agreed, we guarantee the value of the vehicle, in the event of a total loss claim.

Most other insurance providers don’t provide this service for their customers, another reason why we’re proud of the insurance cover that we currently offer

Our insurance premiums for our classic cars are well trusted by our customers

Lancaster car insurance policy

While we insure classic cars/vintage vehicles, we are also classic car enthusiasts ourselves! We are always trying to find ways to support the classic car community through sponsorships, events, giveaways, and by sharing care tips for classic vehicles.

Insuring your classic car with Lancaster - Hard to insure cars

Sometimes, due to a number of reasons, you may have found that your classic car has been difficult to insure with the right benefits.

Here at Lancaster Insurance, we know that vintage car insurance that suits you may be difficult to come by.

We will discuss the best options for your vehicle with our panel of expert underwriters and evaluate whether we can offer a car insurance policy to suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can fill out our online form and we'll give you a call back.

Our car insurance guides

From classic car care tips, event news, classic car guides, classic vehicle focus articles, owner highlights, and car insurance guides we have a news page dedicated to keeping our customers and website users up-to-date with our latest company updates and helpful tips in regards to classic cars.

Take a look at our latest news to get a better and see what our classic car enthusiasts have been talking about! 

Classic car cover

Car insurance policy holders know that comprehensive classic car cover is essential for your beloved vehicle. 

The older a car gets, and the more mileage your car goes through each year, the need for a car insurance policy that you can trust increases.

Alternatively, you may have other vehicles, motorhomes, campervans, and 4x4s that you would like insuring as well.

Luckily, we have a range of insurance services available to cover you and your much loved vehicle. 

Car insurance quotes - what to expect

We like to keep our car insurance quotes competitively priced for our customers to make the policy we offer affordable as a baseline for our standard car insurance.

If our competitive pricing, and list of benefits aren't enough to get you interested, take a look at everything else we offer as well:

  • Modified Car Insurance
  • Multi-vehicle Insurance
  • Wedding Car Insurance available
  • Limited Mileage Insurance
  • Laid Up Cover available
  • Two Year Agreed Valuation
  • Salvage Retention cover available.
  • Static Car Show Cover available

If you're looking at taking out a car insurance policy/vintage car insurance with us, call our specialist team on 01480 484826.

Alternatively, you can click here and we'll give you a call back.

Insure your vintage vehicle - 5-star rated insurance

We have an Excellent rating on Trustpilot which we're extremely proud of. 

We have been arranging car insurance for classic cars for over 35 years and we're happy to see that we're still delivering on our aim of offering competitively priced, quality vehicle insurance for all of our customers.

Lancaster's standard car insurance

Car insurance is essential for anyone who owns a car, so getting the right cover for your needs is extremely important.

If you're into the classics when it comes to your taste in cars and want to make sure you get the right kind of cover, you can be secure in knowing that over 885,000 others have made the decision to take out some form of car insurance/vehicle insurance with us!

Insurance for your classic car can often be cheaper than standard car insurance due to lower mileage and overall condition of the car, fill out our online form to find out how much your next policy for your classic car could be.