American Classic Car Insurance

American Classic Car Insurance


If you're a classic car enthusiast, owning an American classic car is a dream come true. However, insuring these imported beauties can be a challenging task, particularly in the UK. But don't worry, we've got you covered. This detailed guide on American classic car insurance is your ultimate handbook for everything you need to know about insuring your American classic.

Why American classic car insurance?

Classic American cars exude a charm that is hard to resist. From iconic muscle cars to flamboyant classics, these vehicles are a testament to American automotive history.

Unique challenges

While owning a classic American car is a pleasure, insuring it in the UK could be a challenging task. Not all insurance providers understand the nuances of these imported beauties.

But why is American classic car insurance different? The answer lies in the fact that these cars are typically imported, often have left-hand drive, and may have parts that are difficult to source in the UK.

The need for specialist insurance

Given these unique challenges, approaching a specialist insurer who understands the ins and outs of American classic cars may be beneficial. These providers have the expertise to offer cover that caters to the specific needs of American classics, from restoration projects to custom car modifications.

What does American classic car insurance cover?

Now that we understand why specialist insurance is necessary, let's delve into what exactly an American classic car insurance policy covers.

Agreed value cover

One of the key features of American car insurance is the optional extra of agreed value cover. Essentially, it provides a fixed payout in case your car is written off. Agree the true value of your classic American car with our valuation team and we guarantee that amount back in a total loss claim.

Limited mileage discounts

Many insurance providers offer discounts for limited mileage. If you drive your classic car only occasionally, this can significantly lower your premium.

Salvage retention rights

In case your car is declared a total loss, salvage retention rights allow you to purchase the remaining salvage of your vehicle.

Free EU Cover

For those who love to take their classic cars for a spin across the continent, there is free EU cover for up to 90 days that provides the same level of cover as in the UK.

Popular American classic cars in the UK

The charm of American classics has captivated car enthusiasts worldwide. In the UK, certain models have gained particular popularity.

Ford Mustang

When talking about American classics, the Ford Mustang is a name that resonates with most car lovers. Introduced in 1964, this sleek and sporty coupe continues to be popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

Chevrolet Corvette

Considered by many as 'America's first sports car', the Chevrolet Corvette has maintained a reputation for impressive performance and sporting prowess for over 60 years.

Pontiac GTO

The first generation Pontiac GTO is a classic muscle car of the 1960s and 1970s, with an emphasis on performance and racing.

These are just a few examples. There's a vast array of American classics, from Dodge Viper to Ford Capri Mk I, that are eligible for classic car insurance.

Insuring modified American classic cars

Modifications are often a significant part of owning a classic car. Many owners customise their vehicles to make them more usable on UK roads. However, these modifications can pose an additional challenge when it comes to insurance.

Cover for modifications

Fortunately, many specialist insurers understand the love for customisations. They often offer cover for modifications, whether they increase the power of your car or simply enhance its aesthetics.

Mid-conversion cover

If you're in the process of modifying your car, some providers offer mid-conversion cover. This ensures your vehicle is protected even while it's being modified.

How to insure an American classic car

So, how do you go about insuring your American classic car in the UK? Here are a few steps to guide you through the process.

Consider a specialist insurer

These providers understand the unique needs of these vehicles and can offer you an American car insurance policy that is best suited to your requirements.

Get a quote

Once you've selected a provider, the next step is to get an insurance quote. You can usually do this online or over the phone.

Additional information: To get a quote for your classic vehicle or to receive a quote for any of our other insurance products, you can get a quote through our website. If you would like to talk to one of our classic you can give us a call on 01480 484 826 to receive more information.

Agree on a value

If you're opting for an agreed value cover, you'll need to agree on a value for your car with your insurer. This might require an independent valuation or photos of your vehicle.

Finalise your policy

Once you're happy with the quote and the terms of your policy, it's time to finalise your insurance.

Additional cover options

Beyond the standard features of an American classic car insurance policy, there are several additional cover options you might want to consider.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover provides roadside assistance and vehicle recovery across the UK and Europe. Check with us on our current breakdown packages and the cost.

Legal cover

Legal cover can provide support in case you need to pursue a third party for a claim or recover uninsured losses. We can help towards the cost of legal fees if a claim goes to court.


Insuring a collection of American classics

If you're a collector of American classics, you might want to consider a multi-vehicle policy. These policies can often offer significant discounts compared to insuring each vehicle individually.

Club member discounts

Are you a member of a classic car club? Many insurers offer discounts to American car clubs members, so be sure to mention your membership when getting a quote.

Insuring a restoration project

If you're restoring an American classic, it's essential to ensure it's covered during the restoration process. Laid-up insurance policies provide cover for your vehicle while it's off the road, protecting you against theft and mishap.

Insuring your daily drive

While many classic car owners drive their vehicles only occasionally, you might want to use your American classic as your daily drive. While this might result in a higher premium, it's certainly possible to insure an American classic for everyday use.

In conclusion, while insuring an American classic car in the UK might seem daunting, with the right information and a specialist insurer, you can find a policy that suits your needs perfectly.

Whether you're restoring a classic, modifying American imports, or simply enjoying the thrill of driving an American beauty, proper insurance is a must to protect your precious investment.

To get a quote for your classic American vehicle or to receive a quote for any of our other insurance products, you can get a quote through our website. If you would like to talk to one of our classic you can give us a call on 01480 484 826 to receive more information.

American classic cars are the embodiment of the golden era of motor design, where every curve and chrome detail reflected a distinct personality. They were built to last with sturdy materials and high-performance engines, making them a testament to American engineering.

These iconic vehicles, from the sleek Chevrolet Corvette to the rugged Ford Mustang, have become symbols of American freedom and adventure. They evoke memories of open highways and the spirit of exploration. That's what makes American classic cars so undeniably great.

American classic vehicles exude a charm that modern cars can not match. Their value tends to appreciate over time in the UK market, making them an excellent investment. So, buying an American classic car is not just about owning a vehicle; it's about embracing a lifestyle, a culture and a piece of history.

If you own a classic American car, you understand the pride and joy that comes with such an asset. But, have you considered securing it with the right insurance? An American car insurance policy offers coverage tailored to the unique needs of classic cars, which regular car insurance can’t provide.

From agreed value coverage, which ensures your classic is covered for its full appraised value, to free EU cover up to 90 days, classic American car insurance should be considered.

American car owners who have a classic or vintage vehicle in their garage should consider some important aspects while choosing an insurance policy.

Firstly, agreed value coverage will ensure you receive the full insured amount in case of total loss, without any depreciation. Secondly, somepolicies may include flexible usage limits because classic cars aren't typically used as everyday vehicles. The policy may also provide coverage for specialised replacement parts. An American classic car is not just a means of transportation, but an investment and a piece of history in the American dream.