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Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday & Second Home Insurance

Your Holiday Home is a real asset and whether it is for your own personal use, or let as an investment, it is essential that you protect it from the unexpected with holiday home insurance.

We are able to quote for both personal and commercial let holiday homes including AirBnB.

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Holiday Home Insurance cover can include:

  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage and theft cover
  • Public liability
  • Legal cover

We can arrange cover for all of your Holiday Homes, including buildings and contents, from our carefully selected insurers, chosen for their knowledge in holiday home insurance.

*All features and benefits are subject to eligibility and underwriting criteria. 

Why you need Holiday Home Insurance

To help you understand the value of holiday home insurance, here are some risks against which it helps to protect homeowners.

If you own a holiday home, it’s smart to make sure that it’s protected against fire and other accidents. Since it’s your second home and you’re not there every day, it’s wise to make sure the value of the policy is enough to cover its rebuilding.

If you leave furniture and appliances in your holiday home, it’s a good idea to invest in contents insurance too. Consider how much it would cost to replace these items in case of damage or burglary to arrive at an adequate sum insured.

Moreover, your holiday home may be at risk from weather (for example, storm damage to the roof), as well as break-ins and burglaries. Standard holiday home policies cover you against theft or break-ins, and you can add accidental damage cover for an additional premium.

Since holiday homes are left empty more often than standard homes, there is a higher risk of them being broken into. Installing an alarm and other security precautions may help with getting insurance and are a requirement with some insurers.

How does Holiday Home Insurance differ from Standard Home Insurance?

For your own personal use of Holiday home it is important to get the right policy that covers you for longer periods of absence and irregular use.

For a Holiday home that is used commercially or even a combination this policy will give you the property owners liability if someone was to be injured.

Another risk insurers consider in this situation is the fact that the owner isn’t around regularly to check for any damages, for example, those caused by exposure to elements like intense rain or snow. For instance, if the roof slates of the house are blown off in a storm or a frozen pipe bursts during winter, the problem can escalate quickly without anyone even knowing about it. When the owner discovers it, it might be too late and the expenses incurred by the situation can become really high.

Most insurers on the panel will cover you for 30 days of the property being unoccupied. Whilst we have access to carriers who provide 60 as standard it is important for us to understand your needs and ensure the right cover is given to match your needs.

What to remember when buying Holiday Home Insurance

If you’re considering purchasing holiday home insurance, there are some things you need to consider first.

Is your holiday home mortgaged? Then it’s best to get a buildings insurance cover as part of your holiday home insurance to make sure that your mortgage company is satisfied.

Do you rent out your holiday home to paying guests? Another element to consider is public liability insurance that comes as part of your holiday home policy. That type of cover protects you against events such as a guest tripping over a rug at your house and holding you liable for their injuries.

Let’s not forget that a holiday home is at risk from weather-induced damage (think storm damage to your roof), accidental damage, as well as break-ins and burglaries. Most standard policies usually cover against theft or break-ins. But consider adding accidental damage cover as well.

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