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Underpinned Home Insurance

If your home has suffered from subsidence before, and has been underpinned as a result, you’ll know that arranging your Home Insurance can often be costly, and frustrating as a result. It can also be hard to find affordable cover for homes that differ from the norm.

We specialise in finding you the cover you need, from our panel of trusted insurers, because we understand that Underpinned Home Insurance doesn’t need to be a headache!

We can cover most non-standard risks, including:

  • Floods
  • Subsidence
  • Unoccupied properties
  • Owners with previous convictions
  • Owners with adverse claims history

Why do I need specialist insurance if my home has been underpinned?

Two Insurers can view the same risk very differently. In the case of a home which has suffered subsidence, and been underpinned before, many insurers may put restrictions on what is covered and what is not covered, or even not provide cover at all. This is because underpinning in some cases, may not solve the issue completely. Subsidence could happen again, and depending on the severity, can result in a costly claim.

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