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Reporting a Claim

Lancaster Windscreen and Claims Line 01480 484802

What to do in the event of an accident:

You must stop at the scene.

Remain calm, do not admit blame or offer to pay or sign anything at the scene of the accident.

If any person is significantly injured call the emergency services.

Obtain the name, address and vehicle registration of any other drivers involved.

Obtain insurance details from all relevant parties involved in the incident, including name and address of insurer and policy or certificate number.

Provide your name, address, vehicle registration and details of the name and address of your insurer and policy or certificate number to all relevant parties involved in the incident.

Take all witnesses names and contact information.

Make a rough sketch or take a photograph of the accident scene.

Notify the Lancaster claims line as soon as possible by telephoning 01480 484802.

What to do after a theft:

Report the theft to the police immediately and make a note of the crime book reference number that they will give you.

If you know where the vehicle is make sure it is safe and secure.

Notify the Lancaster claims line as soon as possible by telephoning 01480 484802.

How to make a Windscreen Claim:

Please call the Lancaster claims line by telephoning 01480 484802 and you will be put through to the authorised repairer.

Please make sure that you have your Certificate of Insurance and Schedule with you when the replacement occurs to show to the authorised repairer.

An excess can often be waived if the windscreen / window glass can be repaired rather than replaced.

What if I do not have Windscreen Cover on my policy?

Some policies will not include windscreen cover, especially those policies that are not Comprehensive cover.

If you are a Lancaster Insurance Services policyholder who does not have windscreen cover on their policy, we have arranged a significant discount from the cost of the replacement or repair if you call the Lancaster Windscreen and Claim Line on 01480 484802.

You will have to pay the windscreen company in full at the time of the replacement or repairer, although it will be at a substantially lower price than if you did not call the Lancaster Windscreen and Claim Line.

To report an incident involving your vehicle, please call:

01480 484802


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