Lancaster Insurance News : 10 Vintage Car Adverts Lancaster Insurance News : 10 Vintage Car Adverts
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10 Vintage Car Adverts

10 Vintage Car Adverts

Remember these airing on TV? We’ve been reminiscing and have some picks for you to watch, all thanks to YouTube!


1. Subaru Jesty

2. Vauxhall Astra SR

3. Escort Mk1 1300E

4. Austin Rover – Let Noel Edmonds show you the magic…

5. Peugeot Talbot Cars

6. Volvo 740 Advert

7. VW Golf Ad – With Paula Hamilton

8. 970 Chevrolet Chevelle & Noval

9. Remember this one featuring Robert DeNiro?

10. 1960 Ford car commercial

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