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20 Years of the Mercedes-Benz SLK

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz SLK and the end of its era with the new SLC taking its place. 

The first SLK, the R170 was produced in 1996 after being presented as a concept car at the 1994 Paris Motor Show. It was Mercedes’ first hard-top convertible and became a competitor to the Porsche Boxster. Powered by a 193hp 2.3l supercharged straight-4 engine and a choice of automatic transmission or 5-speed manual transmission, it became an instant hit.


Above: The SLK R170 pre-facelift model.


In 2000, the R170 received a facelift which include new front and rear bumper designs, body coloured side skirts and the introduction of new wing mirrors incorporating indicators. The R170 was produced until 2004, when a new SLK-class vehicle was released, the R171.

Did You Know?

“SLK” is abbreviated from the company’s design mission to create a roadster that was at once sporty, light and short – in German: sportlich (sporty), leicht (light) und kurz (short).

How can you join in the 20th Anniversary Celebrations?

There are a few events happening across the UK in 2016 to celebrate the SLK. You can find out more by signing up for the events at Mercedes-Benz Club – or if you own an SLK (new or old), you can join the SLK World forum –

The celebrations have already begun, with the Mercedes-Benz Club hosting their first SLK day at Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands on Saturday 18th June.  


Above: An R170 Obsidian Black facelift model with two-tone cream & black leather interior.


How does the SLK drive?

“First time I drove my 2000 R170, it was love at first exhilaration. Mine isn’t happy with cold mornings – the engine needs to be at 80 degrees before you get the full impact, though it only takes a couple of minutes. The most incredible experience is how it corners; it grips the road for such dear life with every sharp turn. Amazing to have in the winter with a hard-top, fantastic for the summer with the roof down! The supercharged engine will spoil you – once you go Kompressor, you won’t go back.”


Written by Kizzie Nicholson, Social Media Manager, Lancaster Insurance Services







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