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The Cars and Events That Shaped The 70s

Groovy-baby! The 70s was famous for psychedelic art, punk music and Jaws. Not forgetting the glorious classic cars! Here we profile some iconic events, moments and fabulous classics that graced the tarmac.  

FACT of the 70s: The first BMW ‘M’ car was produced, called the ‘M1’, launched by BMW’s Motorsport division at the Paris Motor Show in 1978.

BMW M1 (1)

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Lamborghini Countach: The countach replaced the adored Miura. It became a poster car for a generation of budding car enthusiasts, and quite right too. It’s a beauty!

Lamborghini Countach

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“We’re going to need a bigger boat”: Cinema audiences were terrified by this line and the now iconic cello movie theme. ‘Jaws’ was the story of a Long Island town terrorised by a Great White Shark.


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VW Golf GTi: The Mk1 GTi is widely regarded as the ‘original hot hatch’. Without it we might never have seen cars such as the Renault 5 Turbo or the Peugeot 205 GTI.

VW Golf GTi

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Microsoft: Paul Allen and Bill Gates registered the company in 1975 which led it to becoming the one of the most recognisable names in technology.


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Citroen SM: The SM won many accolades for its high performance and stylish looks. The later innovative Maserati-engined model offered a real glimpse into the future, with adjustable gas suspension and an advanced braking system that was the subject of an intellectual property offer by Rolls Royce.  Among owners and enthusiasts the SM stands for something very different – the car is renowned for being immensely pleasurable to drive, although cost of ownership can be really quite painful!

Citroen SM




Punk music: Mohicans, piercings, tartan trousers, safety pins and Dr. Marten boots, the late 70s rang in the punk music era with artists that included The Clash, The Damned and The Sex Pistols.

Punk Music

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Reliant Robin: This car is usually the subject of a lot of humour and ridicule, but it should not be forgotten as it played an important part in British Automotive history. Did you know you only need a motorcycle licence to drive one?

Reliant Robin

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Queen’s Silver Jubilee: In 1977 the British Nation celebrated the Queen’s Silver Jubilee with Street Parties and Parades, while the punk movement celebrated with the release and subsequent banning of the Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’.

Silver Jubilee

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Range Rover: The benchmark for every luxury 4x4 on the market.

Range Rover

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AMC Pacer: The pacer found its fame in the 1990’s movie ‘Wayne’s World’. Totally awesome, dude!

AMC Pacer




We hope you enjoyed your trip back to the 70s. If there are any cars or events that we have missed off, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!






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