Lancaster Insurance News : Car of the month: December 2016 Lancaster Insurance News : Car of the month: December 2016
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Car of the month: December 2016

Our car of the month was first introduced to the public in November 1975 and during a 12 year production run over 150,000 were manufactured. The car in question is the Porsche 924!

Originally planned as a joint Porsche-VW venture, as a replacement for the 914, VW pulled the plug early on in the project, instead opting to build its own new model, the Scirocco. Porsche struck a deal with VW to buy back the design and the rest, as they say, is history.

The 924 rather unfairly received the title of ‘the poor man’s Porsche’, although now they are seeing something of a resurgence.  According to recent DVLA data, there are less than 1,000 left registered on the road in the UK, making them extremely sought after, and dependant on the model, quite valuable.

A basket case restoration will probably only set you back £1,000 or so, with a 1981 924 Carrera GTR recently sold by Silverstone Auctions for a whopping £495,000.

So much for the ‘Poor man’s Porsche’!!


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