Lancaster Insurance News : Club of the Month: December 2016 Lancaster Insurance News : Club of the Month: December 2016
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Club of the Month: December 2016

With Christmas almost upon us and the wintry weather setting in, it is only fitting that our feature club of the month for December is 4x4 Response UK, who really are ‘The Fourth Emergency Service’.

4x4 Response UK is the umbrella organisation for over 30 regional response teams, whose sole purpose is to volunteer their vehicles in times of flood, severe weather and other emergencies where four wheel drive is needed. Their members offer support to the emergency services and other voluntary organisations who would otherwise struggle with adverse conditions.

The club's website is the single source for information and support to these community groups.

So, if you’d like to find out what great work the club do, see if there is a group in your area or you own a 4x4 and fancy being part of this fantastic organisation, visit their website at



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