The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : #ClassicRumble July Update from Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : #ClassicRumble July Update from Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead
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#ClassicRumble July Update from Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead

Mike Brewer #TEAMMIKE

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"I was back in the UK for a whirlwind week during a break from filming Wheeler Dealers to catch up with business, charity and to host an event. First up it was off to Sheffield to film at my Mike Brewer Motors Dealership, then it was a blast down south to pop into the impressive Moss Europe where I collected the parts I need for my 1959 MGA project. A quick look around some special cars at Rally Preparation Services in Oxford before I finally got to  Swindon and Cross Street Garage to meet the team from Lancaster Car Insurance and see how things are progressing with the #ClassicRumble Escort XR3i Cabriolet.

It’s easy to put a smile on my face, point me to a classic car, parts and willing car builders and I’m grinning and that’s exactly what happened when I got to Cross Street. The Escort shell is back from Cosmetic Autocare in Northampton and WOW! It’s looking incredible, gleaming Radiant Red coachwork is just begging for the 1000s of new donated and restored parts to get bolted to the frame. Blokie, Sat, Brandon and some of the other volunteers from the Oxford RS Owners Club have now got the chance to take this Cabriolet to the next level.

Work will start on the rebuild with getting the engine and gearbox back in the chassis, which is all rebuilt, looks like new and will drive like 1989. We got a new interior to fit, refurbished wheels, new Hood, tons of new parts including all the suspension, brakes, fuel lines etc. It’s this part of a build that really is rewarding, bolting on new bits is always a pleasure.

However, we had a problem. We were missing the rubber trim that sits on the seals under the doors on either side, through our usual contacts these parts are difficult to find so I resorted to a live Facebook post where I asked the wider classic car community for help. We were overwhelmed with the response from the 1000s of people following this build and we thankfully got the parts we needed, nestling in the back of someone’s shed for years still wrapped in the original packaging.

Thanks again to Sat Blokie and the team at Cross Street Garage, the RS Owners Club Oxford, Platinum Wheels Swindon, Euro Car Parts, Parts Express, Burton Power, Witney Cars electrical and Security, GTS Tyres and of course Lancaster Insurance."

Ant Anstead #TEAMANT

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"July was a whopper of a month, and not just because I managed to roll a borrowed Austin A35 in the celebrity challenge at Silverstone Classic in front of thousands! This month also saw the final stages of the work being put into the bodyshell. We are literally a few days of work away from primering the buck so it can be moulded into the bodyshell. Then it’s bye bye buck as our faithful friend gets destroyed.

However, making the mould is an exciting next stage, as it creates the tool in which we make the body and that’s when the whole car starts to take shape. The engine and gearbox are all in hand so its great to get focused on the bodywork.

My attention is also turning to the interior and all the gauges have all be individually hand made from brass! Each of them has amazing detail and I can’t wait to see them on the car. They are going to look awesome.

The steering wheel is also epic! Its a period rope wrapped large diameter steering wheel, the type you would have seen on racing cars of the period. I love it! Another amazing bit of detail that will set the car apart and be a highlight for the owner, especially as he’ll have the most contact with it.  

It’s not all smiles though as the November deadline is fast approaching and we still need your help…

We need an electric radiator fan, a four-point harness, and most importantly a bespoke loom made to control the ECU and engine management while the engine runs on carbs! It will be the first time ever this has been tackled on an MX5 engine.

I’m also a bit concerned after seeing Mike Brewer’s latest update of his Escort XR3i. The competition is HIGH! #TeamMike is doing a proper job! It’s up to #TeamAnt to make sure we don’t drop the ball now as the weeks fly by."

Mike and Ant’s projects will be auctioned at this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show in November, through Silverstone Auctions, with all proceeds going to charity.

The money raised from the sale of Mike’s XR3i will benefit the Marie Crawford Boyd Foundation and Ant’s 1950s inspired Grand Prix racer will be raising funds for Harrison’s Fund.

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