The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : An Interview With Alex Cursley The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : An Interview With Alex Cursley
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An Interview With Alex Cursley

With six races left in the Hyundai Coupe Cup, we caught up with the championship leader, and Lancaster Insurance sponsored, Alex Cursley as he looks to continue his good form in the last rounds. 

What got you into racing?

I got into racing from a young age. I did some work experience at an MG specialist where the boss raced in a V8 MGB with wide arches and from then I’d caught the ‘bug’ and thought I could give it a go. I started doing stock car racing in the Metro Cup and it went from there. I’ve had a few breaks from racing, but the bug never leaves you and I always seem to return.

Why the Hyundai Coupe Cup?

The Coupe Cup is known as an exciting series with fantastic controls, the ideal combination for anyone looking to drive competitively. Hyundai cars are very reliable and means you don’t have to be rebuilding the engine after every three races, a huge advantage! With the extra reliability, it means that there’s lower costs for drivers and it’s more accessible to a wider audience. The cars are also feel very well balanced and have a tuneable chassis.

The social aspect is also a massive plus and there is a great camaraderie between all the drivers, which makes driving in the cup a fun experience!  


Do you have any racing role models?

Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher are the natural choices for anyone in to motorsport, they had winning in their blood and everyone wants to enjoy success, just like them.

A bit closer to home on the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) circuit, I really admire the impact that Jason Plato has had on motorsport. He holds the record for the most overall race wins in the BTCC and has enjoyed two championship victories.

What are your aspirations for the rest of the season and the future?

With five wins out of eight races, and with six to go, it is really important not to be complacent. I have my eyes firmly on winning the championship and that is my ultimate goal.

Going forward, who knows? Motorsport is constantly evolving so I am excited for whatever the future in the sport throws at me.

How do you get prepared for a race weekend?

Preparation usually begins a few weeks before the actual meet. Giving the car a good look over following every race and identifying what parts needs work or replacing, as some tracks are certainly tougher on the cars than others!  

I am lucky that as I work in the MG Owners’ Club workshop, they are fully accommodating in letting me use space in the workshop to prep the car, which is a massive help. 

Favourite UK Track?

All tracks have their own characteristics and it is a tough choice, but on a sunny day you can’t beat Brands Hatch. The track goes up and through trees, is steeped in history and even though it’s challenging, it so satisfying if you get it right. Fingers crossed for some sun at the end of September! 

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