The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Club of the Month - August 2017 The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Club of the Month - August 2017
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Club of the Month - August 2017

This month’s Club of the Month goes to Capri Club International, who’s aim is to guarantee a following of owners and enthusiasts who realize that the Ford Capri is a modern day classic and wish to keep the legend alive. The club was originally established in 1982 and is the largest single marque Ford club in existence. Members get a list of benefits, which include:

• Monthly magazine - which contains articles and stories on members’ Capris as well as covering all aspects of Ford Capri ownership and a history. There is also a comprehensive second hand sales section that includes choice items of the club stock and members ‘For Sales & wants’ listings.
• Spares - the range of spares, accessories and regalia are designed to assist owners in keeping the Capri legend alive. The club sources difficult to find spares and remanufactures obsolete parts where possible. For everything else there is an extensive collection of second hand spares available!
• Advice - from Technical to unbiased buying, selling and restoring advice the club offers it all, from the best place to get your Ford Capri restored to which Brake Conversion will best suit your needs.

Members have also assisted with the writing of a comprehensive Ford Capri restoration book, the building of a Cosworth four-wheel drive Capri, and much much more. Why is the Ford Capri so popular with enthusiasts? It has to be its sheer good looks and versatility. Under its skin there is no technical revolution, it may be powered by a 1300cc or 3100cc engine, making it the ideal drivers car. ‘Frugal, no frills’ or ‘Fast n’Furious’, the club caters for all models of the magical Ford Capri marque.

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