Lancaster Insurance News : #ClassicRumble June Update from Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead Lancaster Insurance News : #ClassicRumble June Update from Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead
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#ClassicRumble June Update from Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead

#TEAMMIKE – Mike Brewer

“June was a bit manic as we are in the midst of an intense Wheeler Dealer schedule and finding time in-between grinding, rubbing, buying and selling to do anything is difficult.

However, both Ant and I were back in the UK to host the brilliant MGLive at Silverstone. This event gets bigger and better every time and this year’s show was made even more special by the constant sunshine that plonked itself right over the country for those few days. 

Whilst back in the UK, we both also had busy schedules. I was up and down the country to my dealerships in Sheffield and Leeds while Ant was presenting a big live show for BBC2, Britain’s Greatest Invention, all good stuff.

However, there was no way I was heading back home without paying a visit to Cross Street Garage in Swindon to catch up with Blokie and the #ClassicRumble Escort XR3i.

IMG 3240

Walking into the garage was like stepping into a parts store, Burton Power have kindly donated all the engine rebuild bits we need, so Blokie has already started to strip down the big ends and decided to re-sleeve the block so the little 1.6 lump will ultimately be new when its back in the car. One of the nice touches added were the wonderful wheel centre caps that are embossed with #TEAMMIKE made by Steve Bonner... love that detail.

I then scooted over to Northampton to check on the progress of the body and without revealing too much, lets just say I’m a very proud man of the work that Cosmetic Autocare have done.

I’m still looking for a roof so if anyone out there has a new one laying around, please get in touch.

I’m back in LA now filming Wheeler Dealers flat out with Ant but we are back to the UK at the end of July for the Silverstone Classic when once again I’ll have another progress report of the Charity Build.

IMG 3260

Thanks again to Lancaster Insurance for allowing us to do this…and remember #TEAMMIKE”

#TEAMANT Ant Anstead

“It’s been a very busy time on the set of Wheeler Dealers, meaning I have had to rely on the volunteers back in the UK to keep the #TeamAnt bespoke build going, and they absolutely have! We have been Face Timing and calling on a daily basis, and the Project Manager from Channel 4's The Love Of Cars (and also my business partner) Stewart Imber has been cracking on full steam ahead!

I came back to the UK for a few days and we spent the first half of the day around the car tidying up a few loose ends and making some key critical decisions. The engine went off to Steve Guglielmi (Guglielmi Motorsport Daventry), a fine chap who was recommended to me by my opponent Mike Brewer! We’ve had numerous discussions about whether to upgrade or not, but for now we are resting on standard specification (with Webbers) as those little MX-5 engines are excellent! I’ve seen numerous pictures of the stripped down engine and I’m excited to receive the finished article back!

IMG 3355
The five speed gearbox has gone to Chris Hughes of Kenilworth based firm 2Spec Transmission and they too have taken the bull by the horns and jumped straight into the rebuild! We’ve even shared numerous emails on whether to upgrade to a LSD. Watch this space....

Back at my workshop the build is now running in tandem. The body is making slow progress, slower than I hoped, but volunteer Matt Lawson has taken ownership alongside my other business partner Chris Hacket. I have every faith that the bodyworker chaps have got this but we do have a deadline. We need to get the buck finished by end of July to stand any chance of moulding her in time to make the actual shell. I feel its going to be a manic end of July. 

The rolling chassis has really taken shape and aside from sorting some loose ends with the fitting of brake lines and fuel lines etc, she sits patiently waiting for the return of the engine and gearbox! Once those are fitted I think we would be a couple of days away from a naked car driving around the yard! 

I’m back in the UK at the end of July and racing an Austin A35 at the Silverstone Classic. Our car is inspired by the first ever winning F1 car which won that race at Silverstone. Inspiring! 

I am still after some help.... I need some more help with the bodywork. If you are ‘world class’ at filler and shaping and are happy being paid in cake and cookies then please contact me!

IMG 3379
Till the next time....... COME ON #TEAMANT!”

Mike and Ant’s projects will be auctioned at this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show in November, through Silverstone Auctions, with all proceeds going to charity.

The money raised from the sale of Mike’s XR3i will benefit the Marie Crawford Boyd Foundation and Ant’s 1950s inspired Grand Prix racer will be raising funds for Harrison’s Fund.

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