Lancaster Insurance News : May #ClassicRumble Update from Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead Lancaster Insurance News : May #ClassicRumble Update from Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead
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May #ClassicRumble Update from Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead

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It has been two months since the launch of the #ClassicRumble Charity Build Off and we caught up with our star participants; Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead, about their Charity Projects supporting The Marie Crawford Boyd Foundation and Harrison's Fund.

Team Support Profile Picture Mike

"Its all systems go at Cross Street Garage in Swindon as my Escort XR3i starts to get its new clothes and smart shoes…

Restoring a car from the ground up is never easy as management of jobs, parts and processes can become overwhelming. Its no secret that a large percentage of projects that start out with the best intentions never get across the finish line. I always write everything down on a white board and plan the project with dates and deadlines for jobs that should be completed..

The reason I’m telling you this is that nine times out of ten those deadlines will slide and a resto can lose momentum, but not today! #TEAMMIKE has been on it! Thanks to Blokie (project manager at Cross Street), we are ahead of the clock which will really help toward the end as we race to get the car completed and show ready for the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show in November. There, our fully restored XR3i will roll across the block with Silverstone Auctions and all proceeds raised will go to the Marie Crawford Boyd Foundation.

So here’s where are we now:  

  • The body is with Cosmetic Autocare in Northampton, where Gary and Gregg are lavishing the famous Ford Vermillion red paint to the car.
  • The suspension and axillary components are still with Sunbase Powder Coaters in Swindon who are making the parts look factory fresh.
  • Platinum Alloys in Swindon are refurbishing the wheels which will make the Escort ‘pop’ when done

Blokie has also started work on the engine. Blokie has 30 years experience stripping, rebuilding, and tuning engines so he has set about taking our block down to the casting. We have decided to rebuild the engine like new so that means new rings, big end shells, skimmed head and new gasket, a complete repaint before it goes back in. We want this Escort to be the best in the UK and to really grab attention when it sells.

Over the summer months, there’s going to be plenty of Ford shows across the UK and MC Kevin Flatman will be shouting from the microphone to get people involved with #TEAMMIKE so thanks to him. Also thanks to Oxford RS owners Club member Steve Bonner for custom making the wheel centres.. and of course Mrs Blokie (Maxine) for lending me your husband and the constant tea making.

You can follow and support #TEAMMIKE online at @mikebrewer and @Lancaster_Ins and don’t forget the hastag #ClassicRumble" Mike Brewer


Team Support Profile Picture Ant

"The #TeamAnt classic rumble build has been gathering pace slowly, with a large part going on behind the scenes sourcing parts and suppliers to help. That’s exactly what this brilliant sector has done - helped! 

I have reached out to a number of companies who without hesitation have stepped in to lend a hand and I need to mention those people first.

  • Autoprop are making a bespoke balanced prop shaft.
  • Steve from Guglielmi Motorsport Ltd is taking delivery of our Mazda MX5 engine for a complete rebuild and we are having a discussion on whether it should or should not be upgraded? It is after all a fantastic engine in its current form, and we are already doing the first ever Weber carburettor conversion. Is that enough? I may well ask the question online?
  • The gearbox has been taken by Chris at 2Spec Journal for a full strip down and rebuild. 

Not only have suppliers stepped up but I have received so many offers from volunteers all over the country who are willing to give up their evenings and weekend to come to the workshop and graft with the team! It gives me a warm glowing feeling, this sector truly is a community - thank you all!

The last time you saw the body it was a simple wooden buck. Well, the hollow sections have now been filled with insulating foam (yes from a builder’s site), the joints covered in tape and the shape locked in a few layers of wet laid GRP. Then the body work begins! It’s a mammoth task ahead shaping the stunning curves making sure it’s flawless and I have a video to post soon!

I cannot go without mentioning a proper volunteer, Matt Lawson. Matt has spent somewhere in the region of 70 hours in the workshop perfecting the body buck and doing a five-hour round trip to get to us! He has been a real hero and a pleasure to be around, proper skill and a fantastic attitude. We even had a group of five volunteer students from North Herts College spend a week with us helping on body prep - well done everyone involved. We’ve still some weeks left before we mould the buck to create our shell.

The build is now running in two camps, the body and the rolling chassis. The aim being in the next few weeks those two become one, well that’s the theory. The rolling chassis is ticking along nicely with the bulkhead now fully finished, with footwells, steering and pedals (donated by Compbrake). 

Every penny this car makes goes to Harrison’s Fund and I speak to Harrison about the build more than anyone - I think he’s more excited than me! Please continue to support the #ClassicRumble and remember to vote for either #TeamAnt or #TeamMike as we edge closer to finishing!" Ant Anstead



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