Lancaster Insurance News : Thruxton Race Report by Alex Cursley Lancaster Insurance News : Thruxton Race Report by Alex Cursley
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Thruxton Race Report by Alex Cursley

The Lancaster Insurance Hyundai Coupe headed down to Thruxton for the big weekend, big because the Hyundai Coupes were supporting the British Racing Trucks and big because everyone wants to win on the fastest track in the U.K.

Having won here in the past I felt confident of a good qualifying result, I just needed to remind myself of the best way through church corner as if it went wrong, we could expect one of nature's wildest rides! I got the corner right but in turn neglected to find the fastest way through the chicane at the end of the lap. I qualified in 2nd, behind the hungry young driver Will Taylforth and was on the front row for race one, even if I was kicking myself a little bit.

In race one I started well and lead up to the complex but Will saw a gap and overtook me on the inside to take the lead. Will and I were quicker on different parts of the circuit and I was unable to pass him, so finished in 2nd. I was able to apply constant pressure throughout even though I had my mirrors full of Steve Kite, a Snetterton winner.

After dealing with a post-race electrical issue, I was all set for race two and took the lead to the complex. Will again tried to overtake me on the inside line but it combined with locking the brakes, resulting in a fairly heavy impact with my rear wheel sending me sideways. I managed to hold onto the lead with a severe vibration for another three laps or so until another aggressive move was made at the chicane. After this, I was fired up and easily caught back up to the leader only to over drive the car at village corner, losing valuable seconds and ultimately having to settle for 2nd place again.

So six races in, we’ve won the first three and achieved 2nd place in the rest - a great result! Next stop is Rockingham at the beginning of July and one thing is for sure, I'm aiming for the top spot.

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