The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : September #ClassicRumble update from Mike Brewer and Ant Antead The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : September #ClassicRumble update from Mike Brewer and Ant Antead
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September #ClassicRumble update from Mike Brewer and Ant Antead

Mike Brewer #TEAMMIKE

Just over month to go before we all start heading to Birmingham for the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery.

Excited would describe how I’m feeling right now.

Firstly, we get to interact with the thousands of car fans who turn up to gawp at the amazing cars on display.

Then, we get to all head to Silverstone Auctions on Saturday afternoon where mine and Ant's cars will roll across the block in aid of two great charities for the finale of the #ClassicRumble

The reason for the excitement is the anticipation of what the public and genuine car enthusiast are going to make of our two cars.

Ant's Alfa inspired single seater painted and looks unbelievable I may even be the highest bidder!

But as for my car, the #TEAMMIKE Escort XR3i Cabriolet is like a pretty girl getting ready for a ball!

The dress is on, the lipstick is applied, the hair is just so!

This car looks incredible, anyone who’s seen it so far remarks that the XR3i is better than new…

Blokie, Sat and the Team at Cross Street Garage Swindon have already completed a Pre MOT check, the wheels are all aligned, the Headlamp beams adjusted and the car full of fuel.

She’s almost ready, just a small polish and some blusher and she’ll be ready to present to the world. As I say…EXCITED! 

We need both these cars to have maximum impact when they get seen.

We need people gossiping, urgent phone calls to banks, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends.

We need everyone willing to raise a bid for an icon in the name of charity and love every minute.

I want to thank Serena Stone for supplying the front seats and to Bryn Selwood, OMS Upholstery, for re-trimming them in luscious red and black leather; Also the Car Hood Warehouse in Swindon for the new mohair roof – boys, it looks incredible; Big thanks to Tony Simpson from Seacon Logistics who, while waiting for his wife to give birth to their first child, organised to get some urgent parts from Oldham down the M6 to Swindon on a Friday afternoon; And to Maxine, Blokie's wife who has made and watch Blokie destroy at least 100 cakes in the making of this car, even a fish cake which he says counts!

So the test drive will be soon, pictures taken and then ladies and gentlemen, she will be available to the highest bidder!

This amazing generous project couldn’t be done without the support of the lovely people at Lancaster Insurance. Don’t forget #TEAMMIKE

Ant Anstead #TEAMANT

In Rumble terms, we are now down to the 11th round and it’s been quite a battle so far!

Mike and I are exhausted and punch drunk and we are now relying on our team mates to decide this epic bout!

The clock is ticking down with the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at Birmingham's NEC being just a month away!

And when I look at how much we still have to complete on the #TeamAnt car, I can't say I'm not worried! 

The #TeamAnt car has made a huge step forward since the last blog and now looks like the beast we intended.

Last week she made the biggest leap yet as she finally got her fresh coat of red paint.

When I saw her, I literally stopped, held my breath, and made a funny squeaky noise!

The NEC show is already an epic event and I love being there, meeting proper car folk and seeing the halls jam packed with goodies.

But this year is special because of the amount of work and effort it has taken to build a completely brand new car from scratch.

Yes, I could have chosen a wreck to restore or a tatty car to flip.

But I didn’t. I chose a blank piece of paper and in my head knew exactly the car I wanted to build. And I am super proud of what's been achieved!

Before I get sentimental, I need to remind myself what this #ClassicRumble is all about.

Its about our charities. Being patron of Harrison's Fund fills me with so much pride.

It’s a charity close to my heart that is making a real difference to the lives of so many families. To be able to hand them a cheque after all the hard work makes it so worthwhile.

Now of course there is a bonus... I get to scrap it out with Mike Brewer! And right now.... I cannot call it!

Mike's Escort XR3i looks amazing. One of (if not the) best I have ever seen.

A proper ground up restoration. Plus these Fords are doing really well at the moment and it stands a chance of making some serious cash at the auction.

In fact, I cheekily asked Nick Whale the auctioneer for an off the record guess for both cars.

I was met with silence. Truth is no one knows! 

There is a huge list of people I need to thank for this #TeamAnt build and I have invited each one to the show so please come meet the team that made this car happen.

They are heroes in this cool car world we live in!

We are pretty much there for all the parts needed for the car, but I'm still chasing an exhaust company to help make the exhaust if anyone out there is willing and able?

And lastly... patina! The car is gleaming red and looks fantastic but my gut is telling me to age the vehicle.

Make her look like an beaten up racing car with history and heritage. Where do we stand on that, people?

Well done all the guys at Lancaster Insurance. You made this happen! See you all there.

Don’t forget to come say hello, see both the cars and most importantly vote #TeamAnt… and bring cake!



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