The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Max Bartell Silverstone Write Up The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Max Bartell Silverstone Write Up
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Max Bartell Silverstone Write Up


With only 12 minutes of track time and 38 cars, it was hectic.

The car was feeling great but traffic was proving an issue and with only a minute left, I managed a clear lap and was P7.

There was definitely room for improvement and I could feel with some amendments, the car would gain some time.

Race 1:

I started on the outside of the 4th row with Ed Thurston on my inside and Sam Mitchell ahead.

I made a great start and was alongside Sam Mitchell into Copse, having had overtaken Thurston.

Down the Wellington Straight, the top seven (Richard Tarling, Michael O’Brien, Callum Grant, Cameron Jackson, Sam Mitchell, Ed Thurston and I) were all in a train, the classic start to a Formula Ford battle at Silverstone!

At times we were five abreast heading down the Wellington Straight into Brooklands, and most of the time we all got through.

On Lap three, I was running in P4 heading into Brooklands and got passed by Ed Thurston, Sam Mitchell and Mike O’Brien.

I followed them through down the Start/Finish straight into Copse and was alongside Sam into Beckets with Mike on the inside.

Heading onto the Wellington straight, I was side-by-side with Mike and got squeezed out onto the grass which was unfortunately the end of the race for me!

I got back on circuit with no collision with the wall but had lost the lead pack and was in clear air for the remaining laps.

I finished in P7, a result I wasn’t particularly happy with, but it was onto Race 2!

Race 2:

Unfortunately Sam Mitchell had to retire his car prior to Race 2, which meant I started on P6.

I made a solid start again, beating Ed Thurston into Copse. Richard Tarling to my left made a mega start and was up into P2 from P5 on the grid.

The top 8 were all very close and once again the train had formed. Lap two saw a lot of oil down through Brooklands and Clearways, however everyone managed to keep their cars pointing in the right direction.

However, this had caused a few of us to brake a bit early and lost some time from the lead group. I was now running in clean air around two seconds behind P5 Ed Thurston.

On Lap six I could see Michael O’Brian falling back and passed him through Cospe.

Unfortunately he had suffered a puncture and had to retire the car.

I maintained the gap and finished under five seconds from P1 Richard Tarling, and with that result he won the Historic Formula Ford Championship.

An OK weekend with a P7 and P5 and that’s a wrap for 2017!

P6 in the Historic Formula Ford Championship whilst missing two rounds isn’t all that bad!



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