The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Another Ten Entertaining Motoring Adverts The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Another Ten Entertaining Motoring Adverts
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Another Ten Entertaining Motoring Adverts

Another selection of past advertisements, several dating from that distant time when cravat wearing was essential for any self-respecting thespian -

  1. BL Range 1980

    A Two Ronnies fronted commercial featuring prime examples of the Austin-Morris division just before the era of the Metro, Maestro and Montego. Readers of a certain age from Kent, Sussex or Hampshire will also recognise the Southern Television logo as TVS would not commence transmission until 1982.

  2. Trabant 601 1965

    The Trabant is celebrating its 60th birthday this year although the model featured here is the P601 version introduced in 1963; a car well worth the 15-year waiting list. Personally, I would have craved one on the strength of that mid-1960s Euro cocktail jazz.

  3. Shell Mileage – Ford Corsair 1965

    The ‘black car’ versus the ‘white car’ economy run test was one of the most popular cars related commercials of the 1960s – and memorably spoofed by The Goodies…

  4. Metro and Maestro Surf Special 1987

    One of the more obscure limited editions to hail from the Austin-Rover empire, although the glass sunroof, the Flame Red coachwork and ‘Surf’ decals have a wonderful late 1980s appeal - as does the over-the-top dramatic voiceover.

  5. Triumph Stag – Brentford Nylons 1973

    Not an advert for the Stag per se but this commercial for Brentford Nylons does indeed feature a Triumph driven by none other than Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman. This fine machine also helps to distract from those ‘top quality polyester-cotton sheets’ that were so prevalent in the 1970s. Not ‘Arf’

  6. Perodua Nippa 1997

    This is, quite possibly not just the most hilariously awful car advert ever made in the UK but one of the worst commercials in the history of ITV. That said, any promotion that refers to a Nippa as the sort of vehicle in which the owner can ‘boogie all night’ deserves some kind of award.

  7. Ford Zephyr 4 Mk. III 1962

    I love British car advertisements of the early 1960s; the background music heavy on the vibraphone to the RP voice over and, of course, the extensive use of Brylcreem and cravats. The Zephyr 4’s engine may not have been as ‘magnificently powerful’ in reality as the narrator claimed but who could resist the transmission with ‘synchromesh on all four gears’.

  8. Sunbeam Alpine – BP Super 1956

    Starring Terry-Thomas, that superlative actor who made the art of light comedy looks so effortless. And anyone who does not think that this is one of the finest commercials ever made is an absolute shower!

  9. Chrysler Avenger GLS 1978

    With a post-Generation Game Bruce Forsyth, and a prime opportunity to see the Chrysler UK lineup shortly before they were rebadged as Talbots. I have vague memories of a) seeing this advert during the commercial break of Worzel Gummidge and b) being highly impressed by the idea of a car with an electronic ignition!

  10. Goodyear Tyre circa 1960

    In a scenario that looks like it was rejected by Hammer and Amicus studios on the grounds of being ‘too frightening’, a rogue tyre roams the countryside, boasting of its ‘self-adjusting tread’ in with the voice of a BBC announcer. The advert really should have been voiced by Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee…



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