The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Formula Ford The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Formula Ford
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Formula Ford


For the first time in a while, qualifying saw all the Formula Fordsters on track at the same time meaning it was busy!

I managed a decent time on one of the first laps putting in 4th.

On my last lap I had a green first sector but unfortunately came across traffic and couldn’t put the lap together so finished P6 on the grid.

Race One

I had a great start and was up into 4th going into Riches on the outside line.

Under braking into Montreal, I was still on the outside line and Michael O’Brien went up the inside and I found myself in 5th.

I followed Mike down the Bentley Straight in his slip stream keeping the gap to the group behind.

Benn Tilley, Will Nuthall and Ed Thurston were all battling behind meaning the gap had increased and by lap three I was running in clean air in P5 with the lead four all battling and working as a group broke away.

I remained in P5 for the remainder and that’s where I started race two.

Race Two

I made a good start on the inside this time up into Riches, maintaining my position and staying with the front four for the first three laps.

On lap four I had a great run through Riches and a gap opened up!

I shot through into P2 going down into Montreal and running out down the Bentley Straight I was in P3, trying to get into Richard Tarling’s slip stream.

I couldn’t quite get close enough but my mirrors were now full of Callum Grant, Michael O’Brien and Will Nuthall.

I took the inside line into Brundle and had the three of them fly past me into Nelson, meaning I was now in P6! I kept with Will who was in P5 and stuck under his gearbox onto the start/finish straight and managed to get P5 back into Riches.

We swapped positions several times from thereon in, and I crossed the line only 0.014 seconds ahead of Will and finished P5 after 10 laps.

Classic F3:


On old tyres I had my work cut out and knew I had to put the smoothest lap together to have a chance of pole.

Unfortunately for everyone, a car deposited its entire oil tank around the circuit on lap two, meaning no one could improve on their first lap.

Thankfully I put in an OK lap whilst warming up my tyres, putting me P4 on the grid for race one.

Race one

I had a terrible start; I bogged down and didn’t pull enough revs, so when I dropped the clutch it felt as though the car went backwards.

Paul Smith, Julian Stokes and Chris Lord passed me into Riches and I was down in P7.

Heading down the Bentley Straight, I was right behind Chris and Julian, passing them into Brundle/Nelson.

I now had Paul Smith in my sights and closed him down over the next the laps and eventually passed him down the Senna Straight with a few laps to go.

I got my head down and put some quick laps in but couldn’t bridge the gap to the front three of Gaius Ghinn, Pat Gormley and David Shaw.

When the flag dropped I finished P4, nine seconds behind David Shaw in P3.

Race two

I started in P3, as David couldn’t make it, and this time my start was far better!

I maintained my position and started my chase for Pat Gormley and Gaius Ghinn.

My first couple of laps were my fastest but not fast enough to bridge the gap to the front two.

I kept my position for the remainder of the race and a podium to finish the weekend!



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