Lancaster Insurance News : My First Classic Experience with Rowena Stanyer Lancaster Insurance News : My First Classic Experience with Rowena Stanyer
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My First Classic Experience with Rowena Stanyer

Despite attending the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show every year, marvelling at the incredible classics on display and wondering which one I would choose if I won the lottery, I had never had the opportunity to drive a classic car. 

At the 2016 show, I was lucky enough to win a competition with the charity, Hero where I could drive the classic of my choice around the Birmingham NEC. I decided to opt for an incredible E-Type Jaguar and hopped into the driver’s seat – nervous and thrilled to be given the opportunity, particularly when I was told that it was worth over £100,000!

I was gingerly guided out of the car park by my guide, Dave who helped me navigate the different gearstick and heavy wheel. I couldn’t believe how different it was to drive compared to my usual car (a tiny Seat Mii) and whizzing along the empty roads was an incredibly exciting and memorable experience – definitely one I’ll never forget.

I was encouraged to relax and enjoy the ride so I tried to forget the value as I sped along the streets before returning to the Hero car park.

I told Dave how much I loved the drive and thanked him and he replied “You weren’t the worst driver today” which I took as a major complement! I then skipped off back to the show thinking about when I might take my next Sunday drive

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