The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Sarah Sullivan review – MGOC Championship, Thruxton meet The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Sarah Sullivan review – MGOC Championship, Thruxton meet
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Sarah Sullivan review – MGOC Championship, Thruxton meet

Not only was it a really hot weekend but coupled with the World Cup and F1 it meant there was a very small grid of 14 cars - there is usually double that! 

Thruxton is the fastest track in the UK so I’m glad I tested my car on the track a week before so I knew what to expect. I was disappointed with my qualifying times so in race one, I was trying really hard and unfortunately managed to hit the curb quite hard going into Campbell. The impact broke my drive shaft and meant that I couldn’t finish the race.

The MGOC members were absolutely fantastic once again and everyone that could help did, and I managed to get back out for race two.

I went into race two thinking, there is no way I’m going to be last into the first corner this time!

My fellow Class B drivers had problems and were not out for race two, so I was going to have to try and keep up with the faster classes!

The lights went out and I went straight through the middle of the pack up towards the first corner and I managed to get in front of a Class F car! I was really pushing and trying to stay in front and even though I lost the place half way through, I managed to get it back and open up a gap! My husband was driving in the faster Z Class and because I was battling my own race I think I held him up, but I was so determined not to give my place up - at the beginning of the season there is no way I would of had the confidence to do that! I was so happy when I saw the chequered flag, buzzing that I had a battle and came out on top.  

Thank you to Lancaster Insurance for giving me this great chance to race, I’m enjoying every minute, and of course to MGOC for all your support. 

Sarah Sullivan LIS Car 



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