The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : My First Classic Experience with Yvonne Gosney The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : My First Classic Experience with Yvonne Gosney
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My First Classic Experience with Yvonne Gosney

My love for classics stems from my family, like so many in our industry. My dad was, and still is, a massive motor enthusiast and he and I share this passion today.


Looking back, whilst they weren’t necessarily classics at the time, they certainly are now and some of my fondest childhood memories include classic cars. I had such fun helping my uncle and dad with their latest project, which meant when I was younger mostly being on tea duty or on standby with a spanner to pass to them while they were underneath the cars.  


Together, we’ve had quite a collection over the years. My first car was a Mk1 Nissan Micra, upgraded (if you can call it that) to a Nissan Cherry – smurf blue in colour! Safe to say that none of my friends missed me driving past. Then about a year after passing my test my dad bought me a MK2 Golf 4+1E (white). I absolutely loved the Golf and thought I was way cooler than all my friends driving around in their modern vehicles.


My dad currently owns two BMWs and a 2.0l Golf GTI Mk 5 but he’s had a number of classics. My favourite was a Daytona yellow Ford Capri - he was gutted when he had to sell it. On the rare occasion we spot one now, he’ll always nudge me and say “remember when your mum made me sell that Ford Capri?”. He also had a Ford Cortina Ghia Mk4 which was unfortunately stolen on a family day out. We had to wait for my Grandad to collect us after reporting it to the police. He turned up in his Ford Granada and for a family of five it was a tight squeeze on the way back! 


My best memory is when my dad came home with an Audi Coupe Sport (2WD Quattro shape) – his fantasy car from when he was young. The excitement in his face after sneaking out to buy it was priceless – particularly as my mum was livid! We all jumped in the car and drove it off into the east Anglian countryside, the sheer joy in my dad’s face that day still makes me smile today.


For me, this is what being a classic fan truly means; it’s the memories that a particular car can conjure up, transporting you back in time. I currently drive a Ford Focus as I have a young family but I’m counting down the days till a sensible car isn’t a necessity. I’ve promised myself an Audi Quattro - a car I have cherished memories of and I hope that I can pass on my enthusiasm to my family, like my dad did with me, inspiring future generations to come!


Audi Quattro

(This isn't Yvonne!) 



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