The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Tessa the Triumph - Rob Johnson The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Tessa the Triumph - Rob Johnson
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Tessa the Triumph - Rob Johnson

At this year’s Restoration show, we had two classic beauties on our stand; the first was our prize giveaway Golf GTI and the second was courtesy of our friends at Kelsey Media - a Triumph 2500TC.

I was asked to drive the Triumph from Kelsey’s offices in Peterborough to the NEC and I jumped at the chance! I’ve been driving for eight years and in that time I have owned two cars, A Volkswagen Polo 1.2L and my current car, a Volkswagen UP! 1.0L. I know the Triumph was going to be a completely different experience but one I was excited to try but was also quietly nervous about.

I made my way up to the offices in Peterborough to meet one of the Kelsey editors, Paul Wager, who kindly picked me up from the station. As soon as we reached the offices, I saw the Triumph in front of me and the nerves started to kick in! Having only seen pictures of the car, I was apprehensive to see how big it was, considering the car I drive has a boot smaller than some supercars.

Paul gave me a lowdown of the car and all the while I was thinking “Will I actually make it to the NEC?” plus some sound advice – ‘don’t go over 65mph, for your own sake’ words that really filled me with confidence. He left me to start the car on my own as he thought it was best that I didn’t have an audience and as soon as I turned the key and the engine kicked into life, my first smile of the journey happened. I was in a classic. The rattling gearstick, the heavy steering, the interior that would look dated in my nans flat, it all came together.

Down went the clutch, into first gear and off I went slowly out of the car park and through the Peterborough town. 15 minutes in and I was on the A14, still in one piece and actually still smiling. Still remembering Paul’s advice, the car stayed at a 60mph, poodling along without a care in the world. It was at this point I started to notice something. As I approached the M6, it became even more apparent - people were staring at me.

What had I done? Was the bumper hanging off? I couldn’t work it out. And then it hit me. Rob, you are 26 years old and this car is nearly double your age. I must say it wasn’t bad looks and everyone I saw had huge smiles on their faces. To me, that’s what classics represent. Seeing people’s faces light up when they see a classic and the nostalgia it brings. Plus it was incredible to drive - I can truly see why people are so passionate about their pride and joys!

Rob Triumph 



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