The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : What are the benefits of owning a motorhome? The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : What are the benefits of owning a motorhome?
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What are the benefits of owning a motorhome?

Jumping into a motorhome and taking off into the wilds without a backwards glance – it’s a dream for many of us. If you’re still mulling over whether you should make that dream a reality, we’re here to help.

Here’s our quick guide to the benefits of owning a motorhome. Read this and you’ll be investing in one in no time!

      1. Free accommodation for years to come

        You’re bound to have seen campervans of all descriptions parked up near some of the world’s most picturesque spots. You’ve probably felt a twinge of jealousy – particularly if you’re crawling out of a wet tent at the time.

        With the correct groundwork, a motorhome can be every bit as enjoyable as it looks.

        One of the best things about owning a motorhome is that it means you no longer have to search for accommodation. No more shabby B&Bs, no more overpriced hotels, and definitely no more leaky tents. A good motorhome offers all the freedom of camping with many of the comforts of home.Motorhome -with -view

      2. It allows you to be spontaneous

        As long as your motorhome is packed and ready to go, you can set off whenever the mood takes you. There’s no need to book – you can just set off on your round-Europe trip whenever you’re ready, or jump in your van the second you finish work on a Friday.

        If it’s raining in the spot you were intending to visit? Just point your motorhome towards where the sun is shining. Not that a little rain need bother you in your van anyway!

      3. No more lost luggage

        Perhaps the best thing about owning a motorhome is that it removes the need for all that holiday packing and unpacking. Plus, you can guarantee your luggage won’t get lost along the way!

        You can simply kit it your motorhome with everything you might need for every eventuality.

        Surf boards for the kids? Wine coolers for the grown-ups? Barbecues for the whole family? All stored neatly in your motorhome – not cluttering up your cupboards at home.

        Why not add an awning? Then you can sit in the shade with a cuppa and admire the view.

        One essential that every motorhome should have is a specialist caravan or motorhome sat nav. Standard options are set up for cars, and could leave you stuck down a narrow country lane or under a low bridge.

        Whatever you decide to take with you on your trip, make sure it’s all covered under your motorhome insurance.

      4. No-hassle holiday extensions

        When you book a package deal, it’s usually for seven or 14 nights and you know exactly when your holiday is going to begin and end. But it’s a different story for motorhome owners.

        If you decide at the last minute to stay on the road for one more day of adventure, there’s no stopping you!

        As long as your MOT, tax and insurance are up to date, you can sleep in your van parked safely at the side of the road. Obviously, that’s easier if you’re in a minivan or VW camper than in a newer, larger, luxury model.

        However, local authorities may well have further restrictions, so it’s always wise to check.

        And if you’re travelling abroad, best look into it before you set off to avoid any night-time visits from the local police.

        Remember that many insurance providers only offer motorhome insurance for a certain number of days on the road, so double check that you’ll still be covered if you decide on an extended break.

        The Caravan Club has a list of seasonal pitches that offer a place to stay for up to 21 days at a time, or sometimes more. With up to 80 Club sites to choose from around the UK, it’s a good place to start if you’re thinking about a longer holiday but you’re happy to be based in one place.Campervan set up on sandy beach

      5. You can explore at your own pace

        One of the greatest benefits to owning a motorhome (aside from the fact that you have your very own loo with you wherever you go!) is that you can explore some incredible places at your own pace.

        No one will be rushing you to board a coach trip, or telling you that your time is up when there’s more you want to see.

        If you’re tired, you just pull over and take a nap. Hungry? Stop at the next beauty spot and whip up a sandwich. Having all of your home comforts around you makes for a relaxed and enjoyable trip, where you can move as quickly or as slowly as the mood takes you.

        From Devon and Cornwall to the wilds of Scotland, there are thousands of spectacular routes to explore in this country. Check out this guide from Practical Motorhome that gives you a run-down of some of the most popular places to visit. 

      6. Your holidays will be sorted for 20 years!

        A good quality motorhome has an impressive lifespan: upwards of 20 years. That gives you plenty of time for family holidays, summer festivals, or perhaps some leisurely retirement roaming.

        In terms of distance, about 200,000 miles is considered the norm. That would take you and your RV around the world several times, so there’s plenty of scope to visit those places on your bucket list.

        Just make sure your motorhome insurance will cover you for all your adventures, especially if you’re thinking of driving abroad.

Do motorhomes hold their value?

If you ever tire of the travelling life, or the summer holidays have come to an end, will you recoup your cash if you want to resell your motorhome? To a great extent, yes.

Motorhomes are hugely popular, with a thriving market in used vehicles. Makes such as VW campervans are highly sought after by people looking to hit the festival trail, while retired couples on budgets might snap up a more used luxury model.

Motorhomes and campervans also depreciate more slowly than cars, with the biggest drop in value in the first year. Great news if you bought your motorhome or minivan second-hand in the first place.

Get your motorhome insurance quote today

Your motorhome insurance needs to cover not only your vehicle, but also all the equipment and possessions inside. Your standard car insurance won’t generally cover you to drive one, so it’s best to get the right cover in place before you set off on your next adventure.

Lancaster Insurance offers you 90 days’ EU insurance with a full year available for an additional premium, new for old replacement if your vehicle is less than one year old, windscreen cover, and the option of breakdown cover if you need it.

In terms of contents, we offer up to £1,000 of audio cover, up to £5,000 for personal effects, and up to £2,500 of cover for awnings, gas bottles, generators and camping equipment.

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