The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Who are the top 5 Motorhome bloggers in the UK? The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Who are the top 5 Motorhome bloggers in the UK?
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Who are the top 5 Motorhome bloggers in the UK?

Once you’ve caught the road trippin’ bug, you’ll be desperate for a regular slew of inspiration. There’s no better supply of trip ideas than bloggers who have made it – quite literally – their job to travel across the UK and further afield and report back on their findings.

Bloggers cover everything from how to stay connected to the World Wide Web when on the move to where to go to get your motorhome insurance, plus everything in between.

Whether or not you’re an experienced ‘motorhomer’ or a newbie to the scene, keeping up to date with bloggers’ movements and stories can enrich your own experience on the road and even provide a sense of community.

So, who are the best motorhome bloggers in the UK? That’s subjective, of course, but here are some of our favourite bloggers (and vloggers) right now…


The Gap Decaders


The Gap Decaders are Phil and Izzy, who in 2018 decided to sell their actual home (that they had spent six years renovating!), give up their jobs and buy a motorhome to travel around the world.

The couple have not had a fixed abode since, but based on the smiles on their faces in all of their pictures, there’s not an ounce of regret.

As you might expect of a couple without full-time jobs, Phil and Izzy are prolific bloggers, producing at least a couple of blogs a week. Recent posts include ‘How to visit eclectic Sicily in a motorhome’ and posing whether or not living life in a motorhome is environmentally friendly.

However, don’t just expect embellished stories of unbridled happiness. As the couple puts it: “Life on the road as full-timers is hard work; sacrifices and choices have to be made.”

If you dream of packing up shop and doing something similar, give this warts-and-all account of full-time ‘motorhoming’ a read.


Vandog Traveller


Vandog Traveller is Mike Hudson, another motorhome blogger who bravely quit his job to take to the road. But Mike is not just ‘another motorhome blogger’, as his nearly 40,000 Facebook followers attest.

Mike is living in a campervan all of his own making. To see the state the van was in on purchase (a ‘mess’ and a ‘write off’, as he puts it) to where it ended up is quite amazing. And it’s carried him all over the world – he’s even made it up to Lofoten, a group of small islands in the North of Norway, above the Arctic Circle.

With lots of amazing pictures and plenty of tall tales, Vandog Traveller will leave you considering whether you should hand in your resignation at work!


The Indie Projects


Theo and Bee have created The Indie Projects YouTube page, which has nearly 200,000 subscribers at the last count.

The pair began documenting their travels around Europe in their converted VW T4 LWB van in June 2014, but have recently ‘upgraded’ to a LWB Sprinter Van, which they have made their full-time home.

Currently residing ‘off the grid’ in Portugal, the couple create regular YouTube videos about everything to do with van life – even how to build a no-smell, off-grid compost toilet, if that’s your thing.

A highlight of the channel is the The Alternative Living Podcast, where they discuss “all of the assumptions people have about us!”


Our Bumble


Our Bumble is Craig, Joanne and their two Dachshunds, Mac and Tosh, who travel around Europe in their motorhome, Vin Diesel. When they set off in 2014, they’d never been in a motorhome, let alone lived in one. They admit that they initially found life on the road challenging, especially the smell of the loo!


But, with time and practice, the couple (and their dogs) have now fully adapted to life in their motorhome. “Now we have everything in place, travelling is just wonderful and the freedom to bumble wherever is totally liberating,” they wrote on the blog.


So, Our Bumble is a great read for those motorhomers who are new to the game. As well as plenty of diary-style blogs, there are some great money-saving tips to be found on Our Bumble, too – pretty important if you plan to quit your job and become a full-time motorhomer.


Our Tour


Finally, Our Tour, perhaps the most professional looking of all the blogs. The blog – created by Julie and Jason Buckley, a couple based in Nottingham – promises to not only give you tips, advice and inspiration for travelling Europe and beyond by motorhome, RV or campervan. It also explains how the couple managed to retire early (aged just 43) and gained financial independence, so that you too could engineer a similar lifestyle.

So, if you harbour dreams about giving up the day job and living out the rest of your years on the road – without constant worrying about money – Our Tour is for you.

The couple have even written books on topics like what to look for when buying your first motorhome and how to transition from corporate life to a life of travel. You can’t fail to be inspired by their sheer force of will.


Before you hit the road…


Now that you’re suitably inspired, you’ll probably want to hit the road and make some motorhoming memories. But, before you do, you need to make sure that you’ve got your motorhome insurance sorted.

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