The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : The Autoism Charitable Car Meet The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : The Autoism Charitable Car Meet
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The Autoism Charitable Car Meet

You know that you are definitely middle-aged when not only police officers, but DJs, actors and even politicians start to look young. And to this ever-expanding list, we can now add a new group – classic event organisers.

Many readers will fully appreciate the sheer effort involved in putting together any form of gather; the hours and days of telephone calls and emails, the double-checking of the venue and all the paperwork. Leon Watts is the creator of the “Autoism Charitable Car Meet” in Swindon hosted by the Classic Motor Hub of Bibury - and, just to make this writer feel even more ancient, he is 15 years old.

Leon’s taste for fine motor cars commenced when he was three years old and ‘watching an episode of Top Gear’. Today his vehicles of choice are the ‘Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato, Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta Lexus LFA Lamborghini Huracan Performante and Aston Martin DB5’. If that were not enough for any garage ‘my other top five favourite classic cars are McLaren F1, Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada, Ferrari 365 GTS, Lamborghini Miura and Aston Martin V8 Vantage X Pack Volante’. His favourite films, as you might have already guessed, is the Fast and Furious series.

In September of 2018, Leon founded the Autoism Car Club and on Sunday 2nd June, he has planned the “ Charitable Car Meet”-  see the group page for more details and for information re. tickets.

It will take place between  1300hrs and 1500hrs, and it will be raising funds for the EOTAS Swindon and the National Autistic Society. With regard to the latter, Leon is himself an autist, as is this writer - and approximately 700,000 people in the UK.  

As with all true devotees of interesting cars, Leon is a modest individual, but his achievements should be celebrated. Firstly, the Autoism Show is a further demonstration that classic events are for everyone to enjoy and the lives of so many people on the autism spectrum have been enhanced by their involvement in the world of old motor cars.

And secondly, it really would seem that with such as Mr. Watts, the future of the movement is in very safe hands.

With Thanks To:

Leon Watts

Debbie Watts




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