The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : The 2019 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : The 2019 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show
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The 2019 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show

Such was the impact of the 2019 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, no mere report could possibly do it justice.

Here are just 50 impressions of the event from our resident blog writer Andrew Roberts:

1) A number of gentlemen of a certain vintage adopting John Thaw poses next to NHK 295 M. 
2) Ted Brooke’s Morris Minor Million winning the Lancaster Insurance Pride Of Ownership for 2019. On the 22nd December 1960 the Minor became the first British car to reach a seven figure production tally and, on the 4th January 1961 BMC, unveiled a rather special edition of the Morris. Only 350 examples of the Minor Million left Cowley.
IMG_5230 (2)
3) Ian Cummins’ 1991 Mazda MX-5 in second place and Tahmid Haque’s 1988 BMW E30 325i Sport in third place.
4) Colin Corke’s Innocenti Regent. Many readers will be familiar with Colin’s tireless efforts to preserve the Allegro and he has recently acquired its Milanese cousin – the only one in the UK.
5) And, remaining with our theme of BL cars from overseas, the Austin Victoria from Spain.
6) The Morris J-Types, celebrating 70 years of this fine van: I was especially taken with the Post Office Telephones and Royal Mail examples.
7) The very early P4 “Cyclops” showcased by the Rover Sports Register; to see it in the metal is to appreciate how it startled British motorists back in 1949.
8) Rosie and Sandy Hamilton’s eight-seater 1956 Morris Isis Traveller; three on the front bench, three on the middle bench and two on a rear-facing bench.
9) Nigel Ford’s splendidly orange 127 Sport and the magnificent 501 Doctor’s Coupe on the stand of the Fiat Motor Club.
10) The splendid array of Ford Transits, looking as if they had just left the Swaythling plant.
11) The Austin A90 Atlantics in all their “Export or Die” glory.
12) The array of Heralds, including the Courier Van, celebrating 60 years of this very important Triumph.
13) The opportunity to see cars that you have not encountered since your childhood, from the Chrysler Alpine to the Morris Marina Jubilee.
14) The Chevette 2300HS, a car that continues to mesmerise.
15) The Austin J40, for the future classic motorist.
16) The Bond Bugs - possibly the world’s most exuberant three-wheeler.
17) A 1972-model two-door Triumph Toledo – a car as evocative of life in early 1970s Hampshire as the Amazin’ Rasin Bar.
18) The uber-purple Ford Escort 1300E.
19) The very same Wolseley “Wedge” that memorably attended my stepdaughter’s wedding earlier this year.
20) The stunning Unipower GT.
21) The 1967 Hillman Imp that reminded some visitors of Man in a Suitcase.
22) An Austin Ambassador – as recommended by John Shuttleworth.
23) The Ford Consul Capri, to evoke images of Jet Harris, the Ace Café and winkle-picker shoes.
NHK295M (2)
24) A Citroën Bijou – a car for the true individualist, as indeed was the Ami 6 on the same stand.
25) Maestro & Montego Owners’ Club and the celebrating their 20th birthdays.
26)  Ford Cortina Mk. V saloons, all hailing from that fascinating post-punk pre-Yuppie era.
27) The duo-tone splendour of an Austin A55 Cambridge Mk. II De Luxe, a vehicle as reliable as the BBC Home Service.
28) An Austin 1800 “Landcrab” Mk. I, one of the most fascinating BMC cars.
29) A sign of how remote the late 1990s now seem – the Rover 75.
30) A mobile library from Aberdare in the form of a 1961 Austin FGK80.
31) For the chap or chappess about town in the late 1970s – the Panther Rio.
32) The utter and total magnificence that was the metallic green Renault 16TX.
33) That yellow Ford Cortina Mk. V Crayford Convertible.
34) And an equally beguiling Wolseley Hornet Convertible.
35) The 1969 Adams Probe 16, o my brothers (film enthusiasts will immediately recognise the reference).
36) The Borgward Isabella – one of the finest mass-produced cars of the 1950s.
37) The sheer presence of the Rover SD1 Vitesse.
38) The Mini 1275GT and the Austin Maxi celebrating their 50th birthdays.
39) That Ford Anglia 105E drophead – as elegant as a picture starring David Niven.
40) The Austin Champ, the 4WD utility that could be reversed in fifth gear…
41) The ultra-rare Alfa Romeo Alfa 6.
42) A Type 34 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia has to be one of the chicest touring cars of the 1960s.
43) The AC Invacar – a very important aspect of post-war motoring.
44) The green W-registration Austin Mini Metro, to remind me of the time when I first encountered ‘The British Car To Be The World’ at the NEC back in 1980. 
45) The 1960 prototype of the Reliant Sabra.
46) The utter delight that is a Frisky Coupe in white over yellow.
47) The Austin-Morris J4 Van, to remind me of a time when they really could be encountered on every high street.
48) The elegance that is a Jowett Javelin.
49) The time, dedication, effort, care, sheer attention to detail and enthusiasm from all participants – without who, there would be no classic car movement. 
50) Did I mention the Ford Consul GT from The Sweeney?


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